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The Feminine Changing Act of 2089
The Feminine Changing Act of 2089

The Feminine Changing Act of 2089


I never wanted to be alone. But every time I try to talk nobody ever seems to listen...Or at least no one seems to care.

This is how I lived my life. However, when I turned 16, the time for change came over me swiftly. The government requires it. The short version of this story is that all women are required, at 14, to take a test and are then evaluated until 15 years of age. From there, changes are made to the young woman's life accompanied by a trip to the cosmetic surgeon, all to make her a "better bachelorette." In other words, to make her a better toy for the men in our society. I, as a woman, have tried to speak out against The Feminine Changing Act of 2089, but all my pleads have swiftly been shut down. I am constantly met with the same statement of refusal, "This is the way that society here has been for the past 150 years. I'm sorry, but as of the moment, we just are not looking to change this certain amendment of the Constitution. You may be happy to learn, however, that these operations are going to now be paid for by the government of New America!"

As I was prepped for the Cosmetic Changing Ceremony (or the CCC), the same thought ran through my mind, "How can I escape this horror?" I am still in awe, 7 years later. No matter how much I plead, no matter how much I promised, I was still put under the knife. My surgery was one of the 1% of the lucky few who were botched during the CCC. Now at 23, fighting for my life due to complications from the CCC, I support the rebels. The ones who rise against those who seek to change us. The ones who know that what the world has come to is wrong. The rebels risk their lives undermining the operations of the New American government to prevent abominations like I am, like I was lead to be.

Even though it was the purpose of The Feminine Changing Act of 2089, I never did marry. Even when the government had me in an arranged marriage, on the day of the wedding my "groom" was found with a shot to the head, pistol-like weapon in hand. I was never meant to be happy. Now as I lie here in agony, I wish this life on only those who wished this life on me. I hear the faint sound a piercing beep in the background but now I don't hear a thing. I am no longer a thing. Everything is black.

She 23. Life expectancy is 200 years...or more. What a shame.

Author Notes: Thank y'all so much much for taking the time to read my story. Creative writing is one of my absolute favorite things to write. Please comment below. I would LOVE to hear y'all's feedback! Also please rate 1-5 stars in the comments! Lots of love!<3

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About This Story
18 Oct, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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