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The Field
The Field

The Field

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

If you will be so kind
To lend me your time,
I'll lead you on a climb
Of the metaphysical kind;
Just one cautionary rhyme --
Don't stand too close behind
Your presently cherished paradigm.

From various cosmic residences
Arrive messages of ethereal elegance,
Offering majestic evidence
Of Infinite Intelligence.

You are about to meet personalities
Who all vibrate in different realities;
Yet each one figuratively swims in the
Same invisible sea of quantum energy.

Extraterrestrial races,
Unearthly faces,
Outlandish places --
Traces still of THE FIELD...

* * *

"I am Xteerah,
Birthed in The Crystal Caves
Of Angkthera;
I am a warrior,
Reducing all my enemies to nil,
For I've mastered
The secrets of The Field."

* * *

"I am Gyxu,
My planet is bathed
In a purplish hue;
It is a plane
Of constant change,
We make all things new --
It helps us tap into
The power of The Field."

* * *

"I am Kazallazxa,
Governing Commander
Of the world Xa --
A place that's utterly aqua;
Water is our reality,
No land at all but still,
Still we deal
With the effects of The Field."

* * *

"I am Qo,
My home is known as Cebes;
I'm a member of a species
Who glow;
Each luminous pulse
Is a synched result
Of the energy in The Field."

* * *

"I am Lyrryos,
Our star is Sirius;
If you landed on our planet,
You wouldn't see us --
No sign of life around,
For we dwell underground,
Call us subterranean aliens,
Yet no matter how deep we build,
It weakens not The Field."

* * *

"I am Majnus Cymterii,
I'm a luminary
In the constellation of Cygnus;
It is my mission
To teach the worlds
In my system
The rules of The Field."

* * *

"I am Oood,
My habitation is Thace;
Even if you somehow could
Reach every nook of Space,
Still you would
Never ever find this place;
No condescension intended,
Yet we know it taxes human comprehension
To accurately conceptualize parallel dimensions;
This observation notwithstanding,
Just like you,
We are standing
On the terrain of The Field."

* * *

No matter the galaxy,
Among any star family,
One truth would be revealed --
Many worlds but One Field.

Understanding illusions,
Mirages of the mind --
That's the solution
To navigating Space-Time.

There is force behind The Field,
Much more than a shield;
It links every life form --
From advanced celestial beings
To the lowliest earthworm.

Just when you think
You know what's real,
You collide with this thing,
This thing called The Field.

Just when you think
You know all the basics,
You awaken to this thing,
This thing called The Matrix.

All situations seem dire,
The future ominous,
Until one becomes wired
Into the grid of consciousness.

It's only as real
As you think and feel --
That's the deal
Within The Field.

Watch your step,
Awaken or be killed;
You are traversing
The invisible MindField.

The only thing that matters
About all universal matter
Is this all-important matter
Of the Mind behind all matter.

©️ Matt Decker

Author Notes: "The field is the only reality."

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
28 Mar, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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