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The Final Dream
The Final Dream
This story has some quality issues

The Final Dream


"Oh. Hey Jack!" I utter whilst Jack walked through my house door with my brother.

"What's up!?" He said smiling

"Nothing much you?"

"Oh come on! I'm here too you know April!" Milo shouted.

"Yes I know but you aren't interesting." I say back to him.

"So someone's got a crush." Milo squeals back with attitude.

"No but the way you talk about Jack it sounds like you do." I say back with sass.

"Ok ok. No ones got a crush here! Please stop shouting." Jack says looking at me with a smirk.

"April, Jack's going to be staying the night and we were about to go upstairs to watch a film but since your home we can watch one all together." Milo said.

"Yeah fine but I'm going to go and get myself ready." I say walking upstairs. I get in to my room and go to lock the door like I always do but someone's foot stops me so I walk backwards into the room whilst Jack comes in.

"Hey Jack. You ok? I was about to get ready then I will be down."

"Oh sorry. Umm. It's that ummm it doesn't matter see you when you come down." He says walking out again then I see him face planting his hand. So I lock the door and have a shower cause I was doing workouts today and I'm kinda sweaty. I get out and put on my so called pj's or what people called comfy day to day clothes.

After watching the film I head upstairs to go to sleep. I get into bed and watch the glow-in-the-dark stars that my dad bought me when I was 9 but I'm now 17 so I've kept them up a very long time. The only keep them up since it reminds me of dad. He's never home because he works in the army. He's sweet and kind; whenever I was sad he used tickled me until I was happy. I've always wondered what I would say to him when he gets back this because he didn't say goodbye I want to see him once more and say that I love him. I miss him so much and that he didn't even say goodbye because he thought that I wasn't strong enough; hurt me a lot. But he did leave me a letter that I read everyday when I wake up.

I wake up to Milo shouting my name with sadness, " APRIL!! APRIL!!! GET UP......"

"Milo? What's going on? Why are you crying!?" I say with my voice cracking because it looks like he's been crying for weeks.

"It's.... It's dad..."

"What's happened?" I muffle whilst crying this time.

"C-come down stairs w-we will explain."

I get out of bed as fast as possible. I put on my jumper whilst running down the stairs. I tripped at the last one which made me fall into Jack's arms.

"S-sorry! I didn't mean t-to." I stumbled as I pick myself up to go and sit down on the sofa where mum is. I hug her not saying anything at first then she says

"He's dead."

I look down at her in my arms then push her away. "HE'S WHAT??!!!" I shout with all the emotions that I could feel "You've got to be joking! He left without saying anything to me then you tell me he's dead!!"

"Mum I thought we were going to ease into it." Milo half whispers.

"I'm not deaf so I can hear you! Jack! Did you know about this!" I say turning to him whilst he sits at the kitchen counter.

"Yes.... But we only found out an hour ago!" Jack says.

"Oh and that makes it all better! Does it!!? A friend finds out that MY dad is dead BEFORE HIS OWN DAUGHTER!!!!!!! What type of world is this!!?? Actually don't bother answering that question!" I yell out of anger before I can process what I'm saying. "I'm going to my room."

" April! Please don't go we all need to stick together! We are family." Milo stated.

"Oh so if we are family then you should of told me that MY FATHER WAS DEAD when you found out instead of waiting an HOUR!!! I don't class that as family." I cry out and with that I run up to my room then lock my door. As much as I tried to hold it in, the pain came out like an uproar from my throat in the form of a silent scream. The beads of water started falling down one after another, without a sign of stopping. I hit the wall and tried to scream, but my voice is hid from the sounds of the house. The muffled sobs wracked against my chest. The world turned into a blur, and so did all the sounds. The taste. The smell. Everything was gone. The last painful emotion slammed against me before I lost the feeling of feeling. Everything darkened into nothingness. The noises of my sobs echoed through the house. I stop my tears for less than 5 seconds then the pain built up in my chest. I bite my tongue, trying to hold the tears that threatened to leave my eyes once again. And that's when I can't hold them back. First, one small crystal bead escapes from my right eye. I can feel the warmth, sliding down my cheek, and rolling off my chin. Then another. And another. Until my eyes flood with them, coming like a rainfall. Sniffing every ten seconds, they fall, and fall, and I let them. And once again all I could feel was my life crumbling in my fingertips. I can feel the muscles of my chin tremble like a small child and I look toward the window, as if the light could soothe me. I hear my own sounds, like a distressed child, raw from the inside. It takes something out of me I didn't know I had left to give. That's the way it is when people are hard. It's like a theft of the spirit, an injury no other person can see. My walls, the walls that hold me up, make me strong just... collapse. Moment by moment, they fall. Salty drops fall from my chin, drenching my shirt. I press my head against the wall... baby blue, so innocent... I am anything but innocent. I'm trembling. I can't-can't stop. Even as I press my hand against the wall it shakes, it trembles. It's raw, everything, raw tears, raw emotions. I can't stop... I can't stop. My farther is dead and there is no way of getting him back and it's all my mothers fault for letting him go. I didn't even have the chance to say goodbye like the rest of them. Even Jack got to say goodbye although he was only a friend but I can't be mad at him he couldn't of stop my farther. My mother could of stopped him so could of my brother but no, neither of them had the guts to stop him. By the time I stop crying it was 1.37pm so I decided to get dressed and wash myself up; I cover up my tear marks with makeup. I open my door to see my brother sitting across from my room watching it like he is being stabbed. He goes to open his mouth to say something but I stop him.

"I know I can't hide away from the world for ever but I want you to know something. I will never ever forgive you for letting dad leave and then him dying because you know very well that you could of stopped him..." I was about to start shouting at him but I decided I don't have the energy to waste on him. "All I wanted to say is that and now I leave the house and I won't be back until 11.00."

He looks up at me but says nothing so I walk downstairs and out the door. I soon find myself sat in the restaurant farther used to bring me. I walk in and stare at the seat we used to sit in. I'm imagining us sitting there; talking about him in the army. Then him saying that he doesn't want to go back and want to stay with us. Us as a family... like that will happen now. They... they hid it from me! They let him walk out our life! So much of a family. I finally come back to the real world and realise that there's a woman standing right in front of me asking if I'm ok. I looked at her then walked out.

Author Notes: I will be continuing this soon.


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11 Jul, 2017
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7 mins
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