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The Fire and the Firefly
The Fire and the Firefly

The Fire and the Firefly

BeowulfAnthony E

The fire flamed like a torch

The forest animals were trapped

Bright red flames scorched

Bears startled from their naps

The animals huddled close

How did this blaze first stir

They looked at the firefly

And blamed it all on her

She’s got fire in her belly

She must have set fire to the oak

She’s the cause of this great burning

The animals took turns and spoke

I just glow, I don’t have any fire

The firefly pleaded her case

I didn’t cause this destruction

Or set fire to this place

The animals didn’t believe

They told her just to go

It grew larger with every leaf

The fire was out of control

The firefly then flew off

Flew up above the trees

Flew into some Elephants

Pleaded on her wings and knees

The Elephants drank some water

Filled their trunks with H2O

Walked to the hills above

And watered the trees down below

The animals were saved

From the burning fires of destruction

It was the firefly that saved the day

Yet she was sad from her rejection

A bear cub found a match

Outside the oak near their cave

It was man that started the fire

The firefly was the one that saved

The animals all felt sorry

That they blamed the firefly

She was sweet and nice

The animals had made her cry

The forest animals started singing

They knew that they were wrong

A song of love and friendship

The firefly’s favorite song

When the firefly turned around

She saw the animals with yellow roses

They made up and never forgot the day

Of the Firefly, and Elephant fire hoses

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Anthony E
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7 Jan, 2023
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1 min
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