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The First Day

The First Day

By Optimism101 - 1 Review

My eyes open for the first time in my existence. I crawl up on my legs to observe my surroundings for the first time.


Everything I could see was colorless. A solid gray. Around me was nothing but a small lit circle. The circle was enough to fit forty of us, and us 15 fit comfortably. Beyond the circle was complete darkness. The worst part was, if you looked long enough, you could see them looking back. I shook off their gaze and started to walk around the circle.

There wasn’t much that we had. We were all malnourished. They looked up into the light frequently, but I wasn’t sure why.

Something clanked around above. The others around me grew more frantic. The eyes on the outside darted around. The light flickered as something started to drop. Food. It fell to the ground in chunks. Plenty of pellets for us and them. We took all the pellets, and placed some on the edges of the circle. Afterwards we quickly scarfed down some food. We didn’t have much left, and it was to be rationed.

I looked into the darkness around the food. More eyes stared back. They seemed to be fighting one another.

One of them approached the circle. It was huge. It was around three times the size of any of us, with huge spikes all along it’s body. It stared at us, looking us all in the eye. It couldn’t take all of us. We grouped together and hissed defensively. It snarled back.

It started to slowly walk around the edge of the circle, eating the pieces we set out. All the while sustaining eye contact with us. It made a full lap, then rushed back into the darkness.

The other eyes grew closer.

They knew.

We circled around our food, hissing, but they started to approach the light. We got glimpses of each of them. There were 4. Each as big as the first. They snarled at us.

We snarled back.

Things were going good for us. They started to slowly back away.

Then, the light shut off.

Everything went into chaos.

One of them rushed at us. He bashed its head at and through us. He eventually clobbered through and hungrily ate the food that we had in the center. It was hard to tell what happened next, but I think another one of them bashed into the first, and then ate the rest of the food. All of them started to fight in what used to be the center of the circle. They bashed heads and swished tails. We quickly banded together again, but we snuck away from the creatures. They quickly fought until… silence. I could make out one figure standing in the center. It was the fed one from before. It looked at us in the corner, and dashed away, letting us reclaim the center.

We cautiously took turns sleeping, we still didn’t know how many were out there.

Author Notes: Hiya! It's me. I give the most info about things I shouldn't reveal, so ima shut up now. But other than that, thank you to my readers! Tell me what I'm doing wrong and thank you for 2.5K views!

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About This Story
26 Mar, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
5.0 (1 review)

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