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The First Day

The First Day

By Charliexcx

As with most teenage girls, we endure a tough time growing up. My name is Adele, I am 14. I have moved from Louisiana. But that is irrelevant. Besides unpacking and setting up in the new neighbourhood ready to embark on a new chapter of me life, I struggle with the most obvious thing. It was not important to anyone but me to say the least. I liked a guy and he lives close by. He walks by my house every day on his tedious journey to school. I say tedious because it is, for girls more so than guys. I consider myself pretty, although mum calls me beautiful, hardly anyone at my old school noticed me. I was the girl with brown hair, dull and unflattering. In comparison with the 'Barbies' of the school. The true beauties; had lavish skin, golden hair that was combed perfectly. Their attitude was modest and despite how much I disliked their egoistic lives, there was no deny in their stunning looks. Anyway, tomorrow is my first day at the new school. I've seen a few of the local kids walk past on their way to and from school. Initially, they looked approachable. Somehow, all I could think of was walking with him.
The evening drew to an end. My mum had finished serving a delicious bowl of hot pasta and sauce. I retreated to my cold, sheet-less bed. As you can probably tell, unpacking was uneventful today. Along the hallway I pass the bathroom. I was empty. The hollowness of nothingness made it a frightening journey. I closed the door and drew out a bath bag that sat comfortably under the sink. I started brushing my hair. I stared in the cold mirror that under the florescent lighting, made my skin seem full with imperfections. But it was nothing I didn't already see.
That morning I stooped out of bed like I had a severe hangover. I looked worse than I did last night. I fixed myself some breakfast, which ended up being a slice of bread not even toasted. I left. The door slammed shut alarming my mother. She opened her window that faced the heart of our street and bellowed 'have a good day sweetie pie'. Embarrassment didn't even come close. I saw him and I could only hope that he didn't what wretched thing my mother was yelling. It was my first time, first impressions last - or so they say. But, I knew this way a spectacular day.
"Riley" he said in a warm, comforting tone. It was beautiful. He had the voice of an angel.
In response, I kept it as short as possible. I didn't want him thinking I had a crush on him. That idea would have been ludicrous!
"Adele, how do you do" - in my southern accent, which by the way, did not, by any means help my situation. 'Cute', I was aiming for. Instead, I ended up sounding like someone at a rodeo show. We walked for what seemed like hours, but in reality, only a short few minutes. At the school gates it where the magic ended. He had study hall and I had Chemistry.
"Shall I see you back here at lunch?", he asked politely.
Keenly, I said "Yes!". My pitch had risen, anyone would think I was eager. I played it cool by tapping him on the arm as we drifted. I looked back once to see him stood watching me walk.
That was the first time I met Riley. I was sure to meet him again...

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12 Dec, 2014
Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

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