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The First Tests

The First Tests

By Optimism101 - 1 Review

This is entry log #1

The tests have proven uneventful.

Minor variations in generation #2’s cell patterns, but nothing note-able.

The subjects are not reacting negatively however, and they are living normal lives.

Survival of the fittest will soon put that to the test.

This is entry log #2

Generation #5 has changed.

The subject’s gene patterns are becoming more erratic. The changes are now affecting their phenotypes. Some grow limps, others grow minute swells.

This might work.

This is entry log #3

Generation #9

The subjects have begun to change. Completely.

Their DNA shows different bonds than that of Generation #1.

They are starting to grow territorial. More aggressive towards their own kin. They section off their territory and guard it well. Trespassers are attacked. A small group of them who have failed to claim territory have banded in the center of the space. They have formed a social group.

The ramifications of the tests might result in consequences we don’t expect if this continues.

This is entry log #4

Generation #14

The territorial outsiders have started to compare as savages towards those in the middle. The social group in the middle has started to form tactics to fend off. Signals, distractions, tools. Their intelligence has yet to be determined.

Their physical states are changing faster than we expected. The outsiders have become un-recognizable when compared to Generation #1. They have spikes and large growths that they use to attack. Their jaw has grown bigger, enabling the trapping of their prey.

The tests are a success. The goal has been achieved. The effects of radiation have proved successful.

More tests are required to ensure this occurs frequently. These subjects will be monitored still to ensure the security of the tests.

Author Notes: ooooooooOOOOooooo! Mystery! The first in a series. I hope. If I can come up with what to do next. Let me know what you think! Also, what I can improve on. It's hard to learn when you don't know what you are doing wrong!

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25 Mar, 2019
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