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The First Time Ever
The First Time Ever

The First Time Ever

SD_7Stavan Dave

Have you ever thought how your day was when you proposed a girl first time?

Let me tell you mine, I Dhruv was in my collage beginning years and as all I had many changes not changes there was a total transformation in me. I used to be a shy guy till my 12th grades and naturally talked very little with a small group of buddies surrounded with dozen of talks but still not all was complete.

By the time I reached my collage the transformation took place somehow I still don’t know how. Now back on track I was an average height-ed and a pretty talkative and spontaneous one with myself surrounded with everyone, and the one who judge people on their clothes and face at the first look. May be that was the reason I was different at keeping my views while many were against this.

Now as I say I used to be surrounded by many but still the heart which I always think as a “lonely hunter” never found an end to its hunt. I somehow got an admission to such a collage where attendance wasn’t a big deal and for the first two weeks I never visited my class.

But as all say everything changes as something comes in life and that something is a small word with a great impact “love”, which passed my way and all changed.

She was the girl I saw once and it was all which fitted my eyes, I just looked at her and all I could say was she was one of the most beautiful girl god created. She was a women skin perfectly fair and her hairs curled by the side with her hair falling by her eyes as she drops them back in the most perfect manners. Eyes the shape of all big and the glare it through as standing through the sun added a real brightness to them. The body a bit plum but it suited her round head the most and added a bit of cuteness to her, wearing a broad white t-shirt with a tight jeans which she may had to squeeze in with a pair of bellies in blue.

And then the twists started as I got to ask I heard her name a noise “hey Aanshi” and she turned towards me as someone behind us called her name and I suddenly turned my eyes of her and then looked at her in a manner that she can’t recognize me, which every boys knows as they grow up by their own.

I and my friend turned as, she was my best friend and she understood at the look of my eyes and my face and she said yes you are in love with her, I didn’t knew what it was but I just acted as I wasn’t but I acted so silly that I started following her and my friend “Kriti” just gave a smile and followed me.

As all great god luck touches a person’s life atleast once in a life time it touched me to she turned out to be our mate but in different class but the same department. I was lucky to have friends in both the class. From that day something new took place I started attending classes and not only that I had my very own special seat reserved so that I could see her from my class through the doors.

Slowly as it all starts such things never stand out to be a thing between two people and mainly when you have a girl as your best friend, and yes it reached every ears of the class and may be more. And then comes the part which every friend in the class plays.

The part of encouraging me to such a height that it seems that one should run through straight at her and tell all he feels. Yes its big deal doing the simplest thing and I was too afraid as every other guy who had faced this before could understand. But mostly the time before you think to go to the time you reach is the best time, one imagines every applicable thing possible after saying such thing as ever next step leads you to new possibilities.

As I was up every step took my heart beat drummed loud and loud and the feeling inside me my heart brain all working on the same thing, and as I reached … all I saw was my two friends and she in a look that she already knew what was about to come and yet they act as the most strict and unwilling boss who never ever encourage or gets praised by any of their employees work, and that’s what every girl knows.

All as I was through a night before I mugged up some lines I searched on internet for an hour and searched the best which was simple and not take a long time in memorising it.

Now comes to what all I was waiting I dressed in my best clothes that day with the day I set my hair and looked at them every 5 mins just to see that they are perfect and as I walked by her

“hi” was all I said she smiled at me and I returned a smile with a great nervousness which flows through me like every being on earth can look at me and say that I was about to ask her out. From somehow I got the courage to speak but as soon as I was about to say a guy passed and all by me was down again. By that time every girl understand what was it and then she was about to say when,

“For all I wish is a yes, I don’t lie to you but you look to me as the most beautiful creation of god, I never been here and as I am out of words looking at you, all I memorised is flourished all I remember is you and I wish you to be by me as I can.t promise to give you all but I can promise to keep you the happiest and for you forever”

Now as I was just about to end I just was relieved when I said the last I memorised “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.”

The only think after was the response and the thought of not being smashed right through the face, and the fear of rejection which it starts days before and grows and grows till it’s not reviled. I was still on my legs in front of her she gave me just a smile…

Author Notes: My first story..hope you comment if so

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Stavan Dave
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7 Jan, 2018
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5 mins
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