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The Flowers
The Flowers

The Flowers

firecracker12380Death moon

Once a day I find my past,

Wondering if it will last,

In the night I stay awake,

Wondering if my heart will break,

I ride down the empty path,

Where I might find my wrath,

In my eyes I see,

The bumblebee,

Follow it to the end,

I find it near the river bend,

I start to see flowers,

Unaware of my powers,

Only time will tell,

If my heart fell,

The flowers I see,

Surrounded by a eucalyptus tree,

A girl giving a prayer,

Beauty like the cold air,

Snow is falling in the night,

As the girl look ready to fight,

I ask her what is wrong,

The answer was like a song,

“Shift and shake I know,

But never the true ago,

I search in fact,

Of my pact,

Alone I will stay,

Up until this very day,

Send the sign,

I walk a line,

Take a walk at this hour,

And don’t forget to smell the flowers.”

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Death moon
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5 Jun, 2018
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