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The Flowers
The Flowers

The Flowers


Elizabeth walked down the hall as she heard her mom crying about something and she heard her mom talking so she listened. “Henry! That child ran into the flowers and he died! Just dropped dead, Henry! We need to destroy those flowers your grandma gave you! I don’t want anyone else to die….” Cried her mom as she sat in the kitchen looking out the window as the wind blew the purple flowers. Elizabeth was confused because her mom rarely ever looked at those evil flower or so she called them. She sits down by the door of the kitchen peeking into the kitchen a few times to look at her mom.


Henry looked at his wife with a frown knowing that his wife was right but he was attached to those flowers that killed anyone that it came into contact with “I know, I know…. I’m very sorry… I just love those flowers because my grandma gave them to me. You know that sweetie. I love you and if it will make you happy then I will cut those flowers down.” He hugged his wife tightly but he knew that when he cut those flowers he would die because they would get on him. He accepted his fate with a smile and he knew his wife would feel bad but he wanted her to be happy and move on knowing that the flowers were destroyed.


Elizabeth cried silently knowing her father was giving up his life for her mother watched a child die today. She wanted to run into the kitchen and tell her dad not cut the flowers and she takes a deep breath. She wanted to know why her dad would do that for her mom which was scaring her but she knew her dad was trying to make her mom happy yet it would be horrible when her mom found out about this one. She takes a deeper breath and she stands up then she runs outside as it started to rain almost like the clouds knew her feelings. The young girl stood in the rain wanting to do what her father was going to do but she couldn’t hurt her mom like that she knew once her father cut the flower then she would lose her mom and she would be alone… She didn’t want to lose either of her parents to those flowers and she looks down at the concrete porch as the rain hit it. She hated this feeling of helplessness that washed over her.


A month passed by her father died while cutting the grass and her mom just wasnt the same after. Her mom just stared at walls while Elizabeth took care of the house and everything. It wasn’t the same without her dad here to tease her and make awful dad jokes. She hated them but now that he is gone she missed them and she would’ve given anything to hear her dad’s voice again. All she had left of that was his voicemail. It was sad and lonely for her but she knew that it would get better besides, she is a strong girl with the willpower of a million people. She had days that she just couldn’t go outside because the flowers were like a taunt it went “You can’t destroy us without destroying others.” and that was how it was. That’s how it would stay or so she thought.


Elizabeth soon turned sixteen and everything seemed to change on that one day. Her mom spoke for the first time in two years! She almsot cried when she heard her mom calling her name from the kitchen because she had made breakfast for her. It was odd hearing a voice when she had gotten use to the silence of the house. Of course, Elizabeth talked to her mother like she would anyone else even if she did stare at walls. That was the only thing keeping her sane in the house with her mom who did nothing but stress her out.

Elizabeth walked into the kitchen with a tired look in her eyes and the way she acted basically told the story all by itself. She wasn’t sleeping enough to count for much but she didn’t mind not sleeping because to her it just made her more tired. “Mom, I’ve missed you so very much. I never want to see you that upset again!” She said as the tears streamed down her cheeks and a soft whimper escaped her lips. She hasn’t cried since her dad’s funeral which was over two years ago. It may have seemed like she was strong but being strong was her only option she didn’t have the luxury to go and not do anything for two years. She had things to do and things that matter that kept her sane. Her mom didn’t stay sane for her which made her anxious.

“Honey, shhhh please don’t cry!” Her mom begged her child which made her worried because she didn’t remember what had happened during those two years of her staring at walls and she takes a deep breath. “I’m so sorry for giving up on you. You shouldn’t have had to go through that. I should’ve been the one taking care of you and not the other way around. I love you so much. Please don’t be angry with me!” She begged her own child to forgive her.

Elizabeth looks at her mother who was standing at the stove worrying over her since she hasn’t cooked in two years and she shakes her head slowly “Don’t apologize to me.. It doesn’t really matter to me. It’s not a big deal Mom” She said then she grabs a piece of toast and she takes a deep breath then she walks outside with a frown. She was bored of doing the same thing all day and she walks towards the barn so she could grab the things she needed to be able to water the poisonous flowers. She grabs a hose and she walks towards the garden but a dog ran towards it. The dog walked into the flowers and it didn’t die… “What’s going on?” Elizabeth said aloud to herself and she looks at the dog who slowly looked at the young girl.


The dog barked and barked at the girl holding the hose then all of a sudden everything grew darker around her. Elizabeth was scared because she knew no one could save her if something was to happen. All of a sudden all the people that died due to the flowers appeared almost like zombies and her father slowly inched towards her trying to speak about something but it was nonsense to her. Her father had a guilty look almost like he couldn’t control what he was doing but that was the only face that she seemed to pay attention too. ‘I have to get out of here’, She thought to herself. She started to run and run but as she ran she got nowhere and she looks behind her but the animals and people were getting closer to her. Tears started to trickle down her face while she ran which seemed like the most pointless thing “DON’T!” She screamed out in fear and she hoped that as she screamed the people would disappear but they didn’t. She knew this was going to end badly for her and she didn’t know what to do in this situation because she has been in this situation before. She was scared beyond anything else in the world and she watched the things come closer and closer. An old lady reached out her hand and she grabbed Elizabeth by the arm “Don’t run… Touch the flowers instead!” The old woman yelled but as soon as she yelled that Henry(her dad) broke free of the spell put over him and he ran towards his struggling daughter. He pushed the old woman’s hand off Elizabeth “Don’t touch her!” He yelled the anger obvious in his voice as he yelled that and he looked at Elizabeth with a small smile almost telling her she would be okay.


Elizabeth felt the tears stream down her face faster as her father protected her from the old woman who had grabbed her. She grabs her dad’s hand but as she did he looked at her with a smile then he looks down on the girl “Liz, You’re a very strong girl. Now run! I will be with you shortly.” Henry said with a reassuring tone.


Elizabeth did as she was told but she heard screams and they never seemed to fade. She ran till she couldn’t anymore and she passed out near the barn with the hose beside her. Some would say she was lucky that she made it that far without getting killed by those people and it truly was lucky. Her father defeated all the people and the flowers slowly disappeared which was a miracle in itself then he was reincarnated into a dog that could speak.


Many hours later, Elizabeth woke up to the feeling of rain and a hand on her back “Elizabeth… What are you doing sleeping in the rain?” Her father asked in a soft tone and he looked down at her wondering if she passed out due to fear taking her over. He slowly pushes her over so she was on her back and he was really worried about her because he knew that seeing those things would be forever stuck with her. Her father had taken the form of a dog but he could talk and he licked her cheek trying to get get her to wake up “Lizzy…” that was a nickname only Elizabeth’s father would call her.

She woke up to her father hovering over her with a worried expression and for a moment she forgot he had died when she was 14. All of a sudden the memories came back and hit her hard. “Dad, How are you alive?!” Elizabeth screamed as she backs away from him quickly till her back was pressed against the barn and she wondered how it was even possible then she realized the dog was talking.. She reacted to his voice it honestly scared her then she froze when she realized her dad’s voice came out of a dog. She looks up at the sky and she wondered about a few things. She smiles at her dad that was now a dog and she crawls towards him then she hugs him tightly. She started to cry as she sat in the mud hugging her father that was now a dog. She takes a deep breath “I missed you so much dad…” She whispered into the dogs ear.


The family lived for a very long time but the flowers made them immortal so they lived for a very, very long time and they were always together but they always remembered the flowers that did this to them. They lived until the end of time where they died peacefully in each others presence.

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21 May, 2018
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