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The four men
The four men

The four men


I was little and would dress myself in his long sleeve shirts,

Pretend carrying the thick books from his shelves,

He was my Daddy and I was his girl,

He had carried me around on his shoulder and let me sleep an hour more before school,

He corrected my homework and tied my hair,

He use to get me presents and took me everywhere he went,

On holidays, his room was my heaven

I had spent hours going through his shelves

I had watched him with loving eye when he dedicated his attention to his shoe collection

I had hid my favourites in his wardrobe in between his shirts and coats

We ate my favourite veggies for supper and he had fed me his bites

He showed me how being kind and humble felt

So when today I don't have him to tell me how to behave

I sit by his side where he rests

There's this thing he does

Where he tells me he is here by showing me those leaves out of no where falling on his chest

I pick them one by one and carry them with me wherever I stay

That's how I know he is near

That's how I know he still cares

Second world be my sibling dear

He acts like my parent and I fight with him like a bear

We derive each other mad and take care of one and another

No matter what he is always there

He is family and I hope that never changes

Third is this pretty boy I had met

He was my friend from school

Oh ! He was so sweet and dear

He always cared of how I felt

We faught with chalks

And I had poured all the powder in his hair

He had this strange writing

When any one borrowed his notes

I had to read it to them what he wrote

He loved football and art was his favourite game

He was smart in head but so lazy at work

We spent our holiday too on phone and I still clearly remember his contact info 242524 /241069

We had our share of fights and he was egostic so I had to make up every time

But he always had my back and would watch out for me

And no it was nothing romantic

He was my best guy friend from my school days

Fourth would be this guy I met online

He was full of smart words and wise talk

He sounded sweet and simple

He felt generous at heart

He was nothing boastful

So I got hooked on to his every art

He became my bestest pal

And some time later I lost my heart

He had filled me with laughs

And all I had wanted to grow up to be just like him

Dedicated and smart

I had loved him with whatever I had

He made me feel bright and alright when things went in crowd

Now that he is not mine to love and hold

I wait for my 5th man

To come and fill me again

With love and care

To ease my pain and tell me that it's gonna be great

And I can't wait to give him all that I got

Which is nothing big but my love

To read him my favourite quotes and tell him how happy I'm

To soak his sleeves in my tears and watch him when he pulls me near

To hug him and tell him my fears

My love oh how ! You are so dear

To look into his eyes and touch his silent words

To stand by him and ask of him nothing but love

Author Notes: If you are lucky to have the right men , life is all colours and cheers.

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About The Author
About This Story
19 Apr, 2018
Read Time
3 mins
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