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the fox

the fox

By alexander

Once there was a boy called Jim he was just 12 years old when his mum died Jim's mum was the only person who cared for him he dident have any other relation apart from an aunt, his aunt was nasty and mean.So when Jim's mum died he was sent to her and she made him do all the house work Jim's aunt owned a very big house and she was very old and every thing was coverd in dust and all the walls that had paint was old and fadedand neaded another paint and Jim had to do all of it he had to shop and clean and his aunt was very picky about what she eat's and Jim was ment to all of this and he tried his best but for his aunt his best never good enough for her. One day when Jim was going back to his aunt's house with the shoping he found a wounded fox cub and he felt very sorry for it and he picked it up and took it home his aunt never left her bed so Jim never thought she would ever see the fox. A few days later when Jim was cleaning the gutter he heard is aunt scream he ran to her room to see why she had scremed and he saw his fox cub at the bottom of his aunt's bed his aunt's face was as white as the sheets Jim picked up the fox cub and ran to his room he belived his aunt would kill the fox cub so he hid the fox in a little set of doors above his door so later on when it was dark and he was going of to bed he heard his aunt moving things in his bedroom when he opened his door his room was a mess and his aunt was in the middle of it all looking scary she saw Jim and begain to run at him Jim had never seen his aunt run and it was scray how fast she was on top of him in an instance and she was hitting him as hard as she could and Jim was in so much pain then all of a sudden he was out cold when he opened his eyes he was in a very small room in which he wasn't able to move he began to cry, after what felt like days Jim was let out when he could not see becuse every thing was to bright becuse he had been in the small room for so long it look his eyes a long time to adapthe saw that he was in a dog cage and his aunty was standing over him and laughing it was the most horible laughyou can imagine. Jim was stuck there for two day his aunty would give him water and that was it on the second night he was awaked by a noise when he opened his eyes he saw his fox cub bigger when he last saw him the fox cub tried to chew the bars but they were made of metal next the cub tried to dig under the cagebut there was a big fence under the groundthen Jim's aunt came out to see if he was trieng to escape she dident see the hole and she went back in the house. When she left Jim was so frustrated by being keep in a cage he felt awake properly for the first time in two days and he looked around his cage and saw a little cross he picked it up and looked at the hinges they were screws and he yoused the cross to get the hinges loos and he got out of the cage and he picked up his fox cub and ran into the woods were he lived to a very old age with his friends the animals hisaunt died aout four months later. THE END

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About The Author
About This Story
25 Apr, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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