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The Freak With Pink Hair - for Anti-bullying week

The Freak With Pink Hair - for Anti-bullying week

By MidnightLies

The Freak with Pink Hair

It is not a good day, I concluded at last.
It slugged by too slow when it should have gone fast.
I sit by myself, as I usually do,
For I have very few friends, few old and none new.

An older boy spots me, and starts coming my way.
Great, I think to myself. What a wonderful day!
The teasing starts in, and I think, “It’s not fair!”
But the boy continues to laugh at the freak with pink hair.

I sit there and take it, as I usually do.
For this is quite common, it’s nothing too new.
When this smug boy is finished, he at last walks away.
Just what I needed to brighten my day!

When he is gone, I sit all alone.
Tears sting my eyes as I reach for my phone.
I scroll through the names, but decided that no one will care.
Since when do people worry about the freak with pink hair?

Then a girl just my age walks to me and stops.
She walks to my side, and right there she then drops.
Something about her makes me stop and think.
She sat down next to me because her hair is also pink!

“That boy used to bug me,” She says with a smile.
I know where she’s going, and hope she will stay for a while.
“It used to bother me, but I realized back then,
That it’s not me who should be ashamed, it should be him”

“You see,” The girl keeps going on,
“It’s people like him who are doing the wrong.
People like us, who aren’t afraid to stand out,
Are those who are noticed, and will do great things without doubt.”

“So don’t let that stupid guy treat you unfair.
“Me and my friends think you have beautiful hair.”
And with that, the girl left, as I sat there in shock.
And it was that day I made a promise to not walk.

A “freak” just like me, she stood up today.
So instead of accepting bullying, I learned a new way.
Me and that girl, there is a special bond that we share.
Because she stood up, I did the same for a girl with green hair.

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About This Story
16 Nov, 2010
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1 min
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