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The Friend That Didn't Stay

The Friend That Didn't Stay

By coolbeans88 - 1 Review

We made each other laugh and smile so many times.

We helped each other through all of our hardships.

We called each other silly names.

We were there for the other during every happy moment and day.

We never missed a minute nor day of talking.

We were the best of friends.

We were so inseparable, not even the best of them could try.

Our time together slowly grew smaller and smaller each time.

Our talking became unmeaningful and occasional.

Our laughter became small smiles, rarely given.

Our friendship was disolving into nothing.

You grew mad; more often then not at me, I never knew why exactly.

You stopped liking your favorite nick name.

You called me clingy, annoying, and self absorbed.

You made me cry.

You made me feel the most unbearable pain.

You would yell at me then play victim.

You were never satisfied with me.

You stopped responding.

You called us done.

I was left alone.

I started to drown in my buried sorrow.

I couldn't think without you.

I missed you more than I had missed anything.

I thought we were going to be forever.

I felt so empty without you there.

I was heartbroken.

Now I'm near the end of it.

My feelings have disapeared.

No more smiles to give anyone.

Everything I had in me left when you did.

This may be my final goodbye.

Or maybe, just maybe, I'll find something, and say a new hello.

Author Notes: This is my first writing on here; please send feedback on what you thought about it.

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About This Story
8 Aug, 2019
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1 min
4.0 (1 review)

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