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The Game of FAte

The Game of FAte

By Amyisblue

My lies have sunk too deep. My life is too sad. When i lied to you
i felt a deep pain in my chest, i could barley breath. I felt like i would die.
When i asked you how you would reacet to me dissapearing you said "i dont know".
I felt the pain get deeper and more sad. Is it because i lied or "what".
I met you on a game lies were told i regret them all. Day after day i dreamed of a place
like this. I planed on always comeing back.... But i know that my heart wont let me.
My fantasy world will soon break Again...and again....and again.
As the pain gets deeper i feel as if i am bleeding inside.
I donot go to the doctor... I do not need a doctor.
Im afraid of Death ... even though i want to die. I must have been very anoying to have around.
I messed up alot and wasnt even strong enough.Game and life. "I am sorry that i have died" I Would say,
you would say "no problem its okay " or "its fine your not used to fighting".
You were kind...Very kind. In the game we got married and i was happy,But soon it faded away after just one day.
I felt sad because... I knew it couldn't last long.
Soon my aunt will join the game .... mom dosnt know i play the game.
Many "What if" qestions went through my head" What if she tells mom" "What if i cant play no more".
I was stupid wasn't I. In this hospital i am crying, i know i am going to die.
i screamed "I DONT LIKE IT HERE"and i lost my mind. I wanted my computer, mom and dad wouldnt go get it.
I thought "If i die ... if i die would you hate me" I knew you would be confused. I just didnt know what you would do.
A black widow fell on my bed and looked at me. i looked at him crying.
I rememberd how i had a dream when i was 12 about a big black widow behind me,I was in chains, i looked so sad.
Soon the spider went on the floor it hoped on the window, and twiched ... was it telling me to look out the window.
I looked out the window to find out that a goustly figure stood out my window flying "was i dead".
Soon I was back to my normal self i dont remember who i am or what i was doing here i dont remember any thing but that im in love with some one "but who "
i heard a voice it said my password and account to the game, I loged in you were online you talked to me you started to cry when you found out i didnt remember you.
To this day i still play that game, its a good game it made a purpose in my life. I Love you and the Game. The Game of FAte.

Author Notes: This is a true story ... i think i made up a few things

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28 May, 2013

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