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The garden at midnight

The garden at midnight

By Muniza

Anaya was a little girl about seven years old but she seemed much smaller than her age because she was a weak and shy girl, who seldom showed any interest in her surroundings. She lived in a Victorian style house which seemed very large to her as there were only three residing persons, Anaya, her father Banam, and her mother Dishaya. The two older ones were always busy in their routine work and after work parties. Anaya was left with her grand mother on such occasions when her parents left for a business tour. Her grand ma was a very heavy sleeper and whatever happened she seldom woke.

The nights seemed longer to Anaya as she had no brother and sister to play with or share her little secrets. As we all know that grown ups have their own ways and they just look down upon the childish irrelevant chatter.

This was a similar night when her parents were away and grandma slept soundly. Anaya lay for a long time but could not sleep; she became restless with continued tossing and turning in her bed and went to the window which showed the view of her garden.

The garden at midnight was so charmingly beautiful and enchanting with the flowers array and stars gleaming on the sky. There was a full moon shedding its light on the path made for walking in the garden with concrete and the leaves danced along with the wind. The only waking resident of the area to capture the beautiful view was Anaya aside from the wild cats partying down the street.

She could not stop herself from sneaking out of the bed and tiptoe down the stairs to the garden outside the main entrance. The view was even more beautiful and complete than she had imagined. The stillness that held her in her place she could imagine fairies landing in the corners of the garden and peered very hard to catch a glimpse. She stepped cautiously around a bush and caught sight of a white feathery object no bigger than a thumb. She tried to catch it in her hand but it flew away she was raged with this behavior and tried even harder. At last after several attempts she succeeded in capturing one of the feathery objects and was delighted to inspect that a tiny figure was crouching inside it that begged her not to harm it, Anaya agreed to this readily and made friends with the fairy who promised to bring back more of her friends the next day.

Anaya was overjoyed by the proposition and after a hearty fare well they parted. Now Anaya waited for the next meeting laying in her cozy bed and felt great excitement which was a new feeling to her. The visit to the garden at midnight had changed the mental status of Anaya from boredom to excited anticipation.

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20 Oct, 2013
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2 mins
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