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The Garden of Words ( Chapter 1)

The Garden of Words ( Chapter 1)

By Matthaios

(A faint clap of thunder)

Clouded skies

Perhaps rain comes

If so, will you stay here with me?

Even if rain not comes

I will stay here

Together with you.

I was at middle school when my mother and father divorced. It was a big tragedy back then I didn't want to end my life,but instead of doing that I did try to face my depression and sadness.Sometimes I often remember all my problems I just say it out loud nobody cares about me when ever I say things like that. I wish I was never was to be born in this world! I wish i was dead!

Well to be precise i think Im the only person in this world that has all the problems. I often skip classes and take a walk out to the park and I just sit down and draw some sketches. Untill one day when I was going out again at the park met someone she. looks like someone familliar to me, so I nervously approach her like nothing happend. She was sitting in the other side I try Look at her hesitantly noticing that she's eating chocolates and beer, what a wierd thing I whispered by myself. Then suddenly she started to leave without knowing whats her name,her image always pictures my mind but i can remember who she is. Every morning I always saw her sitting on the other side still the same eating chocolates and drinking beer, well i can't resist my mind of asking her so I just ask her out of the blues

Akizuki: uuhm.. you sound a little familiar . Did we met each other before?

Yukino: Huh?... oh I dont think so.

Akizuki: Oh well i just tough so.

Yukino: Its okay,I have to go then.

After that conversation she started to leave.

Akizuki: Well that was wierd.

Well I did try my best to know her but it ends up she does not know me either. After that it started to rain I didn't realize it was June and thats the start of rainy season. I might have just to go home then.

(A faint clap of thunder)

(Door opening....)

Takeshi: Where have you been? have ou been skipping classse today?

Akizuki: Ive always been cutting classes since rainy days started why have you been noticing?

By the way where is mother?

Takeshi: I dont know either he left a note for us to read but i dont really want to read it.

You could always ready it if you wanted.

Akizuki: hmmm. mother always leave the house without us knowing where will she go.

Takeshi:As all people know's mother is doing this since father left us.

Akizuki: Well maybe shes having an affair

Takeshi: Dont be ridiculous Akizuki!

Akizuki: Im just kidding Takeshi

Takeshi: Just go and finish your dinner and go wash the dishies after you eat, im going to bed.

Akizuki: Fine do what you ever want hahahaha!

Every day start to be weirder than I though it would be after, mom just left home without a trace but still it does not change the way it would be. After a while i got into my room and draw some sketches, then i just saw a piece of paper on the floor. Well as Takeshi said it was the letter that mom has left us.

(Starting to read...)

To Takeshi and Akizuki

Dont be worry to find me because im already fine, I left some money that your father had given us before he left us, use it for your daily needs and stuff that you need Im sorry that i left you without notice but even so Takeshi and Akizuki promise me that you both take care of yourself and follow your dreams do let anything stop you from setting your goals in your life. But me i will always remember you my sons, Takeshi take care of your younger brother Akizuki help him from hi schooling until he finish highschool , and you Akizuki stop skipping classes just to go somewhere i know your sad since that your father left us but dont be to much worried about me and what is happening to me because i will always watch you where ever......

- Fumi Hirano

I can belive Mother will do this,Father has already left us and she's leaving to? But what do he mean that she is watching us hmmmmm......

(Sudden Opening Door...)

Takeshi: So what did mother say in the note that she left us?

Akizuki: Here read it yourself.

Takeshi: Good thing he left us some money, but you use it.

Akizuki: Mother said we will take it a half by half.

Takeshi: I have a job and you dont so just take the money if you wanted to okay?

Akizuki: Yeah fine.

Takeshi: By the way In the first week of july help me out to pack my things.

Akizuki: Why? where are you going?

Takeshi: Im going to left this house and have a house with Yuka. Hey are you listening? your always

focus on your sketch?

Akizuki: Well this is my dream though to make shoes

Takeshi: Your dream to make shoes or to make sketch shoes?

Akizuki: OH shut-up Takeshi Go to bed idiot!

Takeshi: Easy on the word kido.

Author Notes: The Garden of Words ( Chapter 1)

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1 Oct, 2020
Read Time
4 mins
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