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The Girl Behind the Glass

The Girl Behind the Glass

By Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik

He stares at me from beyond the glass

Wondering what might have been

I stare down to the vague watcher

In the street, but see nothing

Not what might have been

He gazes back and moves his hand

As if he’s about to wave, but then

Thinking better of it, drops it to

His side

I remain still, for I have no need

Of another in my life, but then

He tries again to wave but again

He fails, thinking better of it

I wonder if I will ever be the

Vague watcher on the street

Wondering what might have

Been. No. My life is to be the

Girl behind the glass, staring

Around. Seeing what is, forgetting

What might have been.

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About The Author
Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik
About This Story
3 Nov, 2020
Read Time
<1 min
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