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The girl in the Red Jacket

The girl in the Red Jacket

By ammobaby123

Yesterday.... I met a Woman, i met woman all the time but she was different she had A Red Jacket on and curly hair . But all i can remeber is how we met and are conversation.

24 Hours earlier:

Good morning says a voice in the back ground. I look around and see the TV left on with the news on, i look over to the microwave, its 6:30 am. I wipe my eyes and go back inside my room i shut the door and start getting dressed after which i come out of my room seeing that the time is 6:39 almost 6:40. I walk in my White boring bathroom to brush my teeth. I grab my toothbrush and wet it in the sink. I look over and my tooth paste tube is empty. I Brush my Hair and Put on my leather jacket to sheild me from the winter chill.
i Make a Grocrey list of what i need,

- Paper towels
- Ginger al

I get In my Silver BMW, And drive off i go to Foodlion and start looking not many people in their though.
I look up and see a sale on asprin "Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off."
First i go to get the Paper towels, then right down the asile is drinks so i grab the ginger al and before going to get tooth past. I walked down the medical place and i notice this lady in a Red jacket she is just standing there crying wereing pj pants under her jacket. Trying not to be nosey i try to ignore her but i cant its to Hard.
I walk over to her and touch her shoulder, * she jumps* , Her eyes are puffy and one is blue and purple and the other one is puffy, She puts her hand up to swipe away her bangs i notice her jacket is ripped on the slive part that wraps around her wrist. i hesitate to talk but she begins " Yes..?" And stutters i try not to make my face noticable on my crazy expresin but i ask her " Whats the matter." She says " My..My boyfriend says i wont be pretty any more... He ..He says i shouldnt do this to him.. He He says i Must pay for giving him bad thoughts on that one day that i cant wait to happen!!!" i look at her and i say " DID he Do this to YOU!!!..... What day that you cant wait to happen? Are you OK???" She says in a calmer voice, "Sadly yes, he did this last night ive been waiting for the store to open, I have Cancer and i WIll die in a bit, And yes im Ok. Me and Him are over he will regret this later in life." then i say " let me take you to a safe place for you!?" She tells and explains that she just met the boyfriend and he doesnt know where she lives i tell her are you sure and she says yea.

At 8:00 i wait for her to get calm, And then we will leave the store. I grab My toothpaste and pay for everything she needed and what i needed. I took off my jacket and put it around her shoulders she looks up at me she says " Let me carry the bags its the least i can do." I give her the bags and we go to my car and the hole ride to her home we talk about what happened and the direction to get to her house. it is now 5:00 pm. Time flys by fast. She lives so far away from where we are. Well we got lost for an hour and got back on track. We stopped infront a Old, creepy, falling down house. I get out and being the gentleman i am i opened the door for her and she takes a step out the car i walk her up to the door step. Feeling so bad i want to give her a Hug but all of a sudden she came up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I smile and say bye. and part are ways.


I remeber the Grocries and remeber that girl in the red dress never gave me her number or my jacket back and i say to myself, That will be another excuse to see her again. I drive down to her house again remebering every direction and walk up to the door i nock.
All of a sudden a Old woman opens the door i say " Im Looking for a girl."
The woman says " There is no girl here" I say " there has to be i dropped her off here last night and she walked in." The woman says "You must have hit your head young man, Perhaps you dated my daughter...She died of Cancer thought last year. it has been a year and one day she pasted. The annerveristy of it was last night." I say " I dont believe your prove it!!" She says "Go to the church up the road from here there you will find the name of abby croach in the third row across from the old tree!" So i get in my car wondering if she is really dead or not , wondering how she kissed me if she was dead, But in the middle of thinking im there.
I walk up and find The old tree its right across the tree the woman said so i look then i see a stone that says " Here lies The spiret of Abby Croach" Then i look behind it and see My leather Jacket and the Groshries. Then i say out load " Thank you Girl with the Red jacket......."

By ammobaby123 and i made this up too im a girl though :) Hope you Enjoyed my story :)!!!

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12 Nov, 2011
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5 mins
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