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The Girl who got burned in school.

The Girl who got burned in school.

By BarbieGurl

There once was a girl named Ashley, She was in science class and she was doing an experiment and she mixed the wrong chemicals and burned off her hair and burned some of her classmates. Everybody started laughing at her they put pictures of her on the internet and when she walked into the classroom and everybody looked at her and laughed she saw that one boy who didnt laugh she wrote him a note saying: Thankyou for not laughing your a true friend.' then she went home and commited suicide. Later that evening after the accident she was on the news all the people who made fun of her started feeling bad. The next day at school the boy who didnt laugh at her stood up in front of the class and said :" Look what ya'll did'. then he walked out of the class and went home. Later that night he took out a piece of paper and wrote a note back to her saying "I'm in heaven with you now." thats the true story of the Day:( thankyou

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20 Mar, 2013
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