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The Girl Who Was Scared to Love
The Girl Who Was Scared to Love

The Girl Who Was Scared to Love

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She never thought she would fall for someone fast. She told herself she would keep herself safe from the crazy world. Sitting there telling herself that she couldn't be happy because she would just get hurt. After a while, she forgot about love and finding happiness and focused on what was going on in school and with her friends. School ended and she stayed to herself, losing contact with many people. Then she met him, the smile that makes butterflies in your stomach, the type of personality you could be around for hours. She swore they were just friends for the longest time, they stayed up late on call every night and argued over who was going to hang up first because they didn't want to say goodbye. They spent every day together laughing and getting to know each other's stories. He would hug her and be there to comfort her when she was upset, and then they would just laugh. He called her beautiful almost every day and made sure she never walked alone. She denied any feelings she had for him because she didn't want to push him away if he found out. She was the girl who was scared to love. Soon she found herself always having butterflies, and wanting to be around him most of the time. During movies, she moved so she was holding his hand without realizing it. She thought that the feelings would just go away.

Having feelings for a close guy friend is normal, happens all the time, she thought. He messaged her telling her he had feelings for her and did for a while. He continued to say he didn't want to ruin anything but just wanted to get it off his chest. She found herself typing "I feel the same way, I like you too" and sent it before it could be erased. Her stomach dropped and she dropped her phone as though it was burning. After that night, they grew closer and closer eventually meeting each other's families and hanging out at each other's houses. But, let's rewind. A few days after that night, they were sitting alone and they ended up kissing. That freaked her out more than ever. She put up her guard telling him that they should get to know each other more before they start dating. She was scared. She didn't want to get hurt. They then started meeting each other's families and hanging out more and more. They kind of stopped talking for a month and then school started. They hung out, ate lunch together, met after classes. Until he asked her out because he was sick of waiting for her to be ready. He wanted out of the friend zone. She ended up saying yes and it went from there. Over time, she became less afraid of love because he made her feel safe. She wants to be happy without getting hurt and he makes sure of that. He has helped her through a lot and has made a good impact on her life. I am the girl who was scared to love.

Author Notes: let me know what you think

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21 Mar, 2020
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2 mins
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