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The Girl

The Girl

By bitwill

Onces there was a girl the had a friend. Her friend was a boy and she really like this boy. And she know that the boy liked her. So the boy asked the girl out. The girl said yes. They were going to get merried and have 3 kids. But one day the girl and the boy went to the lake and and the boy climed up a tree and he fell. So he said that he would never clime a tree again. So one Friday afternoon the boy and girl went back to the lake and the boy climed the same tree. The tree had a bee nest in it and the boy would die if he was stung by one. The boy was stung 37 times. But he lived. So on saturday the boy died. The girl cried for 2 years because she really loved this boy and she was going to marry the boy. But now the girl can't marry this boy or have the 3 kids that they were going to have. So what would do.

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8 May, 2011
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