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BeowulfAnthony E

Basketball is not just for people

Animals also learned its charm

It was invented by The Goat

Years ago outside a barn

The Goat was bored with kicking cans

Looked to try something new

Strolled around the farm yard

Thinking of something he could do


The Goat saw a mouse balancing

Mrs. Mouse was stepping on a ball

Now that might be an interesting game

For every animal huge or small


The Goat found another ball

Started balancing too

The Goat had a really big fall

This game just wouldn’t do


The Goat saw Mrs. Toad

Hopping on a log

Jumping and staying dry

By the barn in a bog


The Goat thought it was fine

The log game could be fun

The Goat slipped on some slime

Splashed water on everyone

The Goat was determined

And would find a new sport to play

Saw Mr. Pig eating peaches

And Mrs. Horse chomping hay

The hay was extra soft

It felt like many rolls of yarn

The Goat put down some hay

Down beneath the big red barn


This could be a fun game

The Goat climbed up the ladder

Ran and jumped off the loft

The Goat made quite a splatter

The other animals looked on

Thinking The Goat was crazy

The Goat never ever gave up

The Goat was anything but lazy

Mrs. Pig had just finished eating

Walked away from her basket of peaches

The Goat nibbled on the leftovers

What could the Goat ever make with this


The Goat took the basket

Placed it high up on the barn

All eyes were on The Goat

Even Mr. Buck from Greece spurred into the farm

The Goat grabbed the ball

Lifted it onto its horns

The very first shot went in

Basketball would be born


The animals learned to play

The Big Dog was good at dribbling

It was a game for all

Even Mr. Pelican and his siblings

Mr. Bird made the furthest shots

Mr. Black Mamba slithered and rumbled

There was a kingly magic to the game

In a Shack like barn near the hills of Mount Mutumbo


Although The Goat would remain the best

For six years no animal could be finer

Until a bull strutted to the farm

Mr. Bull, all the way from North Carolina


What Mr. Bull did was incredible

He had energy, he had pip in his play

Mr. Bull teamed with Mrs. Worm

All came to watch, even Doctor Blue Jay

One day The Mailman saw what was happening

He took stock in this brand new game

He bought a ball and a peach basket

Basketball would never be the same

The game would take off

Fans would fill the stands

All Star games and Championships

A trophy to the best player in the land


But it all almost never was

If the log game had succeeded

It was The Goat that made the most

And for six years The Goat repeated.


Playing for the Love of the Game

Putting down that cell phone or text

Bouncing that beautiful round mound of a ball

And Mr. Bull and Mr. Bird have next….

Author Notes: How basketball was born. Can you guess how many basketball players are referenced in this? It's more than you think.

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About The Author
Anthony E
About This Story
7 Jan, 2023
Read Time
2 mins
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