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The Golden Future Of Humankind
The Golden Future Of Humankind

The Golden Future Of Humankind


There now follows the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that came to me as the Lodge’s Monday Thought 16th April 2018: ‘Miracles come into being as a result of putting into operation the Divine law of love. At all times it manifests itself in earthly life as much as it does throughout the rest of God’s Creation. On the Earth plane human beings are used in gentle and beautiful ways to bring miracles about. You have no idea when God and the Angels are creating one of them through you.

‘For quite some time by now, they have been working on the greatest miracle that has ever taken place on the Earth. It consists of healing the minds and bodies, spirits and souls and each one of you individually and collectively of your whole world. This is possible because on the inner level of life there is no separation between anything, whenever one of you finds healing not only your whole world but the entire Creation heals with you.

‘Once more we would like to draw your attention to the importance of the Divine law of love. In your world it not only manifests itself in goodwill, kindness and tolerance between people, but also that in ever more of you a new kind of faith and trust is stirring. These feelings keep on growing the more you find out that all life throughout the whole of Creation is one great spiritual family of all life; that on the higher and highest levels God and the Angels and Masters are taking care of you and your world, assisted on the lower levels of the spirit world by countless numbers of friends and helpers. All together we are responsible for the development of you and your world.

‘This kind of knowledge awakens in human hearts and souls a growing interest in the Angelic beings in charge of other planets and studying other parts of the enormous spiritual Universe where planet Earth once was crystallized into a form of matter so that you, during lifetimes spent on it could receive earthly education. The great plan of life provides that each one of you would be spending many lifetimes playing the role of a mere earthling, so that you could get to know and understand the material world you would be placed in time and again. For a long time you would be unaware of your true nature, but towards the end of your earthly curriculum the truth would be revealed to you.

‘Great things are in store for every human being. In your higher etheric bodies you will in due course be able to visit and get to know the worlds of much more highly evolved beings than you have ever consciously known before. They no longer require physical bodies for getting around and neither will you by that time. For however long you choose, you can live among and be one of them. There is no need to be afraid of getting lost in the vastness of space because God and the Angels will always be with and part of you, the way they have always been. The only difference will be that you are not only conscious of their presence, you also can see them. They will forever be guiding and protecting you, the same as they have always done.

‘So be of good cheer, dear friends of the Earth. Each time earthly life threatens to get on top of you, keep on keeping on and look forward to these things. If occasionally the going gets too tough, take comfort from knowing that what’s happening to you is but a small part of your evolutionary journey which is sure to pass. Trust us when we say that all is well, all is good and rests safely in the loving hands of God and the Angels, and ours, because that is the truth. We hope that knowing this will help you to endure what your karmic debts still have to present to you with as much courage and strength as you can muster. And never forget that we are with you to supply you with these qualities and as you move through your experiences, they are quite naturally developing within you.

‘Refuse to limit your thinking and conceptions of earthly life. Send your loving thoughts into the spiritual Universe and further into what’s known to you as outer space of the physical one. Become aware that all lifeforms that exist anywhere in the whole of Creation are one big family and that therefore they are your siblings. In your thoughts move further and further away from your small planet and mingle with the beings of other worlds, send them your love and greetings. The time is going to come when you will be visiting them, not with the help of clumsy spaceships but using your higher etheric bodies. Spaceships as you know them would be of no use to you out there.’

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9 Mar, 2021
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