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The Good Die Young
The Good Die Young

The Good Die Young

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“I didn’t know for a while. All I knew, was that I didn’t know my power yet. Then, you told me. You asked if I wanted to know my power, my gift that I had been given at birth. And I said yes.

You told me that I would live longer when I was bad, and wouldn’t change too much when I was good, only taking off a few minutes. At first, I was scared. I decided I would only do little bad things. Take something without asking, lie, litter, just little things. That way I wouldn’t be too bad, but I would still live.

But, then I didn’t want to live. I saw the days pass, but they were all the same. I saw friendly faces, but they lied, I felt the goodness of the world, but it never showed its face. So, I decided that I would be the best I could. I gave to strangers, I helped in charities, I paid for a friends lunch, anything. I gave my heart and soul to being kind, hoping that one day, I would die. I wasn’t afraid, I was desperate.

But you never noticed. You never asked if I was okay, you never tried to talk to me. You didn’t know, and I can’t blame you. Because I didn’t want you to know. So, I hid it from you, and did good deeds for everyone, but didn’t let you know. But one day, you asked what I had been so busy with, and I couldn’t lie. I couldn’t because then I would live longer, and I couldn’t do that. So, I told you. But you didn’t know what to do. So you didn’t do anything. So I kept doing it. I gave my best to everyone.

Then, one day, I felt it, and I knew. I was dying. So, I called you, but your phone kept ringing, and you didn’t answer. So I called again. You still didn’t answer. I got worried, because you always had your phone on you. Then, I felt strength rush into me again, and I knew what you did.

I called your parents, just to be sure, and they answered. I asked where you had gone, and they said that you went to the gift trader, that you had a friend that needed to trade with you. So they let you go. They said something else, but I couldn’t hear them anymore. You were gone, because you had traded with me. You had given up your truths in trade for death, because you couldn’t let me die. But you didn’t know that I can’t live without you.

So, here I am. Wishing you were here, blamed and shunned by those who know my new power. I stand at your grave, and wish for forgiveness. I wish you hadn’t done it, because now I have to live, because my life has a value now. And it’s value is your life. If I die, then I will be throwing away your life. So I live, and I learn. Some ask what I learned when you died, and I tell them. I tell them that the good die young.”

Author Notes: Sorry that there aren't any real characters. Feedback is welcome.
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18 Jun, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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