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The Graveyard

The Graveyard

By AmberlyEyre

Some people might think I'm lying. That I'm exaggerating the facts, but I'm not going to launch into a speech of honesty and the horrible crimes that happens under the watchful eye of the coast guard. I'm going to launch into a speech about why 5,000 sea animals die from pollution every single year. That means today, 13 animals died. It could be a shark or a stingray. Or it could be a bottlenose dolphin or an orca whale. Or Nemo. 1,000,000. One million. 1 MILLION! 1,000,000 die every year from humans, not just pollution, they die from our actions. The number of animals that died from pollution just doubled like 25 times! That means that one animal dies every minute. Every 60 seconds. One of those creatures that all have the right to live dies and it's not because of you, it's not because of the Navy, and it's not because of marine biologists who didn't solve the problem. No. That's not why I'm telling you this. I'm telling you this so you could decide for yourself...later.

Author Notes: Yeah...

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17 Nov, 2013
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