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The Hamilton Twins (Part 1: Dorm Mates)
The Hamilton Twins (Part 1: Dorm Mates)

The Hamilton Twins (Part 1: Dorm Mates)

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The two Hamilton twins looked virtually identical even though they were of different genders. The easy way to tell them apart was their hair length. Alexsandra's hair was longer than Alexander's even though Alexander's hair went down to his shoulders.

Alexsandra placed her hand on Alexander's shoulder. "You nervous?"

Alexander was taken back by the question. "Why would I be nervous?"

"Because when you're nervous you play with either my hair or yours."

"That is not true," Alexander responded with a huff.

Alexsandra looked at the piece of her hair that Alexander was twirling around in his fingers. "I think it is."

Alexander quickly let go of his sister's hair and tapped his fingers on his legs.

"What are you so worried about?" Alexsandra said through a laugh.

Alexander sighed. "I'm not worried about anything. It's that dorms mean having to be around random people."

Alexsandra laughed at his comment. "I'm sure your dorm mates will be nice!"

Alexander groaned. "I don't like people."

Alexsandra laughed some more. "Well, you better start liking them! I'm going to go meet my dorm mates you should do the same!"

Alexander sighed as Alexsandra walked off in the direction of her dorm.

(Alexsandra's POV)

I walked down the hall and turned around to take one last look at my brother, he was walking in the other direction. I knew he would be ok, he might be a little cold at times but I knew deep down that he was a kind and caring person.

I continued my way down the hall to my dorm when I got there I searched through my bag for my keycard but couldn't find it.

*Oh no! I lost my keycard!*

I sighed and tried knocking to see if my dorm mates would answer. I waited for about a minute, still no answer. I was locked out because I lost my dumb keycard.

*What do I do? My dorm mates aren't here and I don't have my keycard...*

I thought about my problem for a moment. Then I ended up deciding that I would go to my brother.

(Alexander's POV)

I walked down the hall and noticed my dorm room was open.

*What the? My dorm mates are too forgetful to close the door?*

The door was only opened a crack so I opened the door the rest of the way and I became

soaking wet.

"You are not Thomas Jefferson." A deep voice commented.

I lifted the bucket off my head and glared at the three men in front of me.

One of them was tall and dark with his dark curls pulled back into a ponytail, he had a slight beard and brown eyes that were full of guilt. The man beside him was a bit shorter than him. He had golden-brown curls that hung to his shoulders in a loose ponytail. He had hazel eyes with a tint of green that shined in the light but was full of worry. And the biggest feature about him was he had freckles everywhere and I mean they were literally everywhere. Lastly stood a dark man with black curls that sat on top of his head, his dark brown eyes looked at me with what I was hoping was guilt. He had very broad shoulders and could probably snap me in half if he wanted to.

"Are you alright mon amie? The prank wasn't for you.." The tall one spoke with a French accent.

"Don't call me your friend." I wasn't particularly trying to come off as rude but I was tired and kinda irritated.

Mr. French squinted his eyes, he obviously didn't like my I guess you could say rude comment.

"We didn't mean to get water on you." The one in the middle said trying to reassure me.

"Yeah, the prank was for Thomas Jefferson. He was supposed to come to get a book for John so we set up a prank but I guess he forgot...and you got the prank instead.." The broad-shouldered man explained.

I looked down at my soaked shirt that was beginning to become see-through. The three men told me their names after they apologized ten times. The French one was Lafayette, Mr. Freckles was John and broad-shoulders was Hercules. I didn't take much interest in their names. I didn't need or want friends. Just as I was about to leave to take a shower and change my clothes my sister walked in.

Author Notes: ~Sorry that this chapter is a little short I was kinda tired when writing it but wanted to get something out. I promise to make the next one longer! Btw and words in * * are thoughts to the character's POV we're in.~

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