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The Hand Book
The Hand Book

The Hand Book

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

God's hand
Broad hand
God's hand is a broad hand.

Divine hand
Sublime hand
Kind hand
His hand is kind
It's a lifeline
Bringing sunshine.

Mighty hand
Almighty hand
Lively hand
Place it all into His hand.
What better place than His hand?

Saving hand
Blazing hand
Amazing hand
Embracing hand
Embrace the amazing grace of His hand.

Praying hands
Praising hands
Raising hands
Raise your hands,
Place your hands
Into His hand,
The grace of His hand.

Healing hand
Shielding hand
Revealing hand
Will heal you,
Will shield you,
Reveal to you.

Invisible hand
Spiritual hand
Miracle hand
There are miracles in His spiritual hand.

Essential hand
Providential hand
It's essential to understand
The working of His providential hand.

Calming hand
Calmed by His hand
Palm of His hand
There's calm in the palm of His hand.

Forming hand
Warming hand
Affirming hand
Transforming hand
Be transformed in His hand.

Attendant hand
Resplendent hand
Transcendent hand
Transcend in His hand.

Universal hand
Supernormal hand
Eternal hand
Turning hand
Turn to His eternal hand.

Compassion's hand
A lasting hand
Everlasting hand
His hand of compassion is everlasting.

Christ's hand
Light's hand
Right hand
Christ is The Right Hand.

Hand of Heaven
Hand of Blessing
Hand of Intercession
His hand is His presence.

An understanding hand
Understand The Hand?
Stand under His hand.

Take His hand
Take your stand
Under His hand
Then you'll stand.

Hand out?
Hand up?
He will lift me out
And raise me up
With His hand
And make me stand.

Who I am
Where I stand
Earth and sand
Cells and strands
He understands and
Extends His hand.

Hand of Might
Hand of Light
Joy in the morning
Peace at night.

Sense His hand
Even if not
It's still there
This hand of God.

In the church
On the porch
During prayer
In the air
The Holy Hand is everywhere.

At the school
On the street
Through the cool
In the heat
His hand guides our feet.

The hand of God
Our fate and lot
Are in the hand
The hand of God.

His hand is extended
Defeat can be ended.

© Matt Decker

Author Notes: "You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing." (Psalm 145:16)

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
2 Jun, 2018
Read Time
1 min
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