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The Happily Ever After

The Happily Ever After

By LeoraJackson

movies happen in real life. Fairy tales happen in real life. Trust me, i've seen it, but what doesn't happen is the 'happily ever after'.

Life is beautiful and complex. There are wonderful love stories happening all around us. Just ask your parents how they met. But, after boy gets girl the story is not over, boy still needs to keep girl and not only that, boy also has to be worth girl.

There are stories of overcoming, of achieving, stories of victory. Someone's weight loss journey, or weight gain journey, getting rid of an addiction or getting into college. There are stories of massive hurdles. Obstacles we may have thought impossible to pass through. There are stories of herculean feats happening all over the place. But, college is very difficult even after you get in. Lost weight can be gained back and a relapse is always right around the corner. The battle may be won, but the war isn't over.

Then there are tragedies, stories of depression, abuse, a miscarriage. These are all devastating, but you must remember that these tragedies are not how the story ends. Depression may never go away, but one can learn to live with it and still have a satisfying life, full of art, love and inspiration. A miscarriage is by every measure utterly horrifying, but perhaps a child can be adopted, not as a replacement, but as a child with loving and caring parents, who decided to give an innocent abonded baby a proper life. An abusive relationship can be disposed of and a healthy, happy, fulfilling one can grow instead. I don't think tragedy is ever truly meant to happen, but I do believe that the story can always have happy parts too.

To me, the beauty in life comes from the overlapping stories of success, love, and tragedy. The horror stories, the feel-goods, the ones that really make you think. All of these stories come together and make up a bigger one. The story of a life. And the stories of individuals are intertwined with others, woven together to form the fabric of mankind.

Author Notes: This started off as a rather cynical thought, but as I wrote, an optimistic message started to shine through.

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26 Jan, 2023
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