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The Happy Sunflower
The Happy Sunflower

The Happy Sunflower


Her whole life she was upset at the world, at god including because she didn't have a happy life. Through out the time this sunflower wasn't blooming at all, it was shut down by other sunflowers in her way and when the sunflower thought she was finally shining the sunflowers close to her shut her down again. The sunflower hated watching her friends become distant with her. They became distant one by one and the sunflowers that were close to her kept arguing with each other this sunflower group had tension and they knew it. These guy sunflowers that made this sad sunflower feel loved at times, left her hurt aswell. Why was everything hurting her? Was this Sunflower too sensitive or were the other sunflowers just messed up. Till now this Sunflower hasn't bloomed , but she's getting there. The sun is helping her heart keep warm. The rain is helping her see clear. The dirty dirt is helping her stay stable. All she needs is to stay strong until something or someone can help her bloom and be herself again. It won't be easy since most of the sunflowers she cared about left her hurt and became distant for no reason.

Author Notes: I'm in class at the moment and felt inspired, hope you guys enjoy wuw

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26 Feb, 2019
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1 min
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