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The Haunted Forest Part 3

The Haunted Forest Part 3

By khursheedabdallah6

Continued from part 2:-

Jasmine was missing. It was another shocking incident that Jasmine was missing and both Sumanth and Joseph just almost in their death tones of their voice. Anyhow they decided to move on with their guts in them however Sumanth had lost hope of being alive but Joseph still had a ray of hope lying in his heart and was totally cautious around the surrounding. After walking a certain distance say it a mile or a half, they returned to the same place and found Jasmine safe in the car and both totally shock, was it all false that they went to a car same like theirs or was it all false that Jasmine was missing and she was dead. But Sumanth as soon as possible just ran to Jasmine and asked where had she been but then she replied that she had not left the car only. Joseph got a kind of rare feeling that this car was not his car and the girl was not Jasmine. Joseph called Sumanth and tried to make him understand that there is something missing in the Forest and there is some reason behind the death of all others, but Sumanth did not give attention to the words of Joseph and went to fetch some water. When Joseph went on search of water Joseph just informed him to be Cautious and come fast back to the car as it was going to be the night time. When Sumanth went in search of water Jasmine had a watch on Sumanth and followed him, this weirdness was noticed by Joseph and he just felt that his feeling was somehow related to that of his dream to last night when all were alive in the car.....

Author Notes: To know more what had happened in the dream of Joseph just be regular to my stories.
To be Continued....

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21 Apr, 2013
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1 min
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