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The Haunted Forest Part 4

The Haunted Forest Part 4

By khursheedabdallah6

Continued from part-3

Joseph in his dream dreamth that there was a place in this forest where there was huge banyan tree and some kinda weird stuff like on the branches there were skeletons and dead humans and below there was a huge stone in which it was written like "The Person who enters this village should not be a coward and he should be strong enough to control his emptions in any circumstances and should be able to face the problems what so ever they were". By this Joseph thought that there was some kind of tree like this that had actually existed in this forest. Now Joseph starts thinking that why was Jasmine following Sumanth and he starts following Jasmine with a view that he may be able to solve the problem and know what was happening, in his way he gets distracted by some noise and does not follow Sumanth and Jasmine, and loses his way. By this he lost the hope of saving Sumath but Joseph lost his way and Sumanth went back to the car and did not find Joseph but behind him he finds Jasmine and gets scared that he must have lost Joseph. When Sumanth was speaking to Jasmine he turned towards the mirrors of the car and did not find the face of Jasmine and remembers the saying of Joseph and regrets his mistake and suddenly Jasmine turns into a beast and cuts off the torso of Sumanth and Sumanth makes a huge loud noise so Joseph traces the sound and goes to his car but only finds blood not Sumanth and is totally misguided by the mystery of this forest yet he did not lose his hope of returning safe his home. Joseph followed the way in his dream and where there was a tree , shockingly there was the highway of the city and finally returned home alive and alone losing all of his friends but you all know where were the dead bodies of all his friends!!! It was on the branch of the banyan tree which had actually existed in the forest.

Author Notes: Thank You all the Viewers who viewed the story but please do not forget to Rate this small but a little bit of horror story.

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22 Apr, 2013
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