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The Haunted Forest

The Haunted Forest

By khursheedabdallah6

Once upon a time recently in the early twenty first century, a bunch of students of a college named the Cambridge University in the upper India just Graduated from the College. The students were Rohan, Jasmine, Joseph, Stalin, Sumanth, Taminah, and Elizabeth planned to go for a trip as a Picnic. They planned to travel in the car of Joseph , but unfortunately Elizabeth and Taminah could not join them for the trip due to their parents not allowing them to join them, but then the rest of them continued their journey. While travelling to their picnic spot, due to heavy showers and heavy storms the car stopped due to filling of excess water in the car. But the place were their car broke out its engine was an completely unknown, unseen and an horrific scenariotic scene. It was an forest almost covered with an moss and fogg dust. The team just got scary at the moment they saw the forest but as it was night time they all decided to stay in the car until it was morning. But in the early morning all of them were present but as a shock Rohan was not seen. It was a complete shock that Rohan was missing and almost everyone had thought that Rohan must have been Hunted by the wild west. But still though all had lost their hopes Joseph had hope on his best buddy. After a couple of time, all of them decided to go on for a search for Rohan. So all decided to stay together as it was an unknown place and must have been found dangerous suddenly after a fine time say it five minutes they heard a great sound argggh!!!. So everyone understood that the sound was almost matching to that of Rohan and rushed towards the signal of the voice, But as it was too late they were too late to reach and found a skeleton just left with raw flesh and raw blood just seemed like an animal just had eaten a person, near to the body found the contact info:-Rohan. And everyone just broke into tears and almost thought that they would not be left alive by the unknown creature!. But even after all this Jospeh left himself into a feeling that Rohan was still near them. They went on back to place were their car was but again a shock that the car was no more located in the place......

Author Notes: Stay tuned for the release of the next version.
To be continued..........................................

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About This Story
19 Apr, 2013
Read Time
2 mins
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