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The Haunted. part 1

The Haunted. part 1

By MzDiggy

There were three girls named Malina, Julie, and Star. Julie and Malina were on their way to Star's house for a sleepover. When they were in Star's room they heard a noise in the hall way. They went to go to see what it was but nothng was there.All of a sudden, Star's room door closed and locked. Julie said," what the hell is going on Star?" " I don't know. Go outside and crawl threw my window and open the door." Star said. " Who?" Malina and Julie said at the same time. "You malina" star said all of a sudden julie was grabed up in the air by her hair 'OMG WHATS GOING ON AHHHH HELP HER''malina said ''I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO'' star said just then malina and star were running to grab her legs and they got threw into the wall ''IT FEELS LIKE SOMEONE IS HOLDING ME''star said ''ME TO''said malina ''HHHHEEEEELLLLLPPPPP''said star and malina said," I can't im trying." Just then Satr's mom walked in the door and the girls feel down. Star's mom said," What happened?" Julie said," It's a long story." " We can go in my room and talk about it." said Star's mom. as they walked into her room she closed the door. When she turned around her eyes wer red. TO BE CONTINUED.........................

Author Notes: By: Julia, Malina, and Star

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30 Apr, 2013
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