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The Haunted. part 2

The Haunted. part 2

By MzDiggy

The girls screamed. In a deep voice, the mom said," Shhhh. Don't be scared. IT'S STORY TIME!!!" The girls tried to run away but something stopped them. It was TOBY, the killer ghost. The mom said "who the fuck are you" "im your worst nightmare BITCH"said toby then he threw her on the ceiling and she fell down right on her face.She got up and said '"IS THAT SUPPOSE TO HURT ME BITCH" Scared, the girls run out of the room and into the living room. They tried to open the door but Toby said," Where the hell do you think your going?" Julie said," Ain't gone get me bitch." Then she jumped out the window. When Star and Malina tried to get out the door, they felt the mom drag them by their ankle into the bathroom. Star broke free then smashed the mom's head on the sink. The mom passed out, bleeding. Malina ran out the bathroom and out the back door. Star was the only one left. Just then toby came in. He grabbed her by her hair and bit her. Star started floating. She realized she was a ghost. She went out the door to go haunt down Malina and Julie for leaveing her.

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10 May, 2013
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1 min
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