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By puppy


"Oh my god! Puppy, you'll guess what just happened! I got it! Daisy cried out. As she came running down the school hall and towards her locker

"You got what? Puppy asked frowning as she struggled to get her locker open

"I just came from Miss Hall's class, to see if she had posted the casting list. For this year's school play and guess what?" Daisy began. Puppy only laughed she had seen Daisy excited before. But she never seen her this excited

"Okay Daisy, just tell me already before you bust a gut or something!"

"I got the lead role! Can you believe it! Daisy cried out happily

"Oh wow! That's great Daisy, Puppy smiled

"Whoa! What's wrong? She asked noticing that Daisy's expression had changed

"Two things, First Tommy, got the role of the phantom of all the kids in our class. She had to choose him! Daisy cried out

Puppy just laughed harder

"Oh, come on Daisy, he's not that bad what's really bugging you?"

"Sally White head, she got the role of being my understudy" Daisy sighed

"Oh wow! I bet she's upset she was so sure that she was going to get the lead role" Puppy laughed

"Did she get any other part besides understudy?

"Well congrats! Puppy, cause she's all yours! Daisy laughed patting her on the back

"Huh? Puppy frowned

"Well she'll also be working with you in the art dept.! Daisy laughed

"What! Oh great! That's all I don't need I've enough work to do. Without teaching Miss Wonderful, how to paint" Puppy smirked

A few minutes later they were all gathered inside the drama studio waiting for Miss Hall to arrive

"Did you hear what Sally is saying about the play? Vicky Dragonfly asked Puppy

"No, what? Puppy shrugged. Vicky was about to answer her when a voice from behind her interrupted

"This play is rumored to be haunted"

They all turned around and noticed that Sally Whitehead was standing right behind them

"Cursed? Oh yah right! There's no such thing as cures" Tommy Cub frowned

"Well not according to my great aunt, she went to this school. And told me all about the curse of the phantom play" That every time they'd try to perform this play something bad—

"That's enough young lady! An annoyed voice cried out from the doorway interrupted

You've heard the stories haven't you Miss Hall? Sally asked her

"Yes, of course but it's never been proven. To me those stories are nothing but urban legends, which have been passed down through the years" Miss Hall frowned

"How come we never heard about this curse or whatever" Tommy asked

"Okay settle down, around twenty years ago the drama class decided to perform a play. That they found inside a book from the library." It was about a ghostly phantom that lived underneath the school basement"

"And fell in love with the principal's daughter then kidnapped her when her father tries to keep them apart" Miss Hall started to explain

"They'd practice every day after school and were so excited about opening night until--. Her voice trailed off

"Now before I continue I want you all to remember this is just a story, there's no proof that any of it actually happened" On opening night they were all so nervous and excited all at the same time"

"Moments before the play was about to start the boy, who was to play the role of the phantom." Suddenly disappeared they looked all over the school for him, but he seemed to vanished into thin air" I guess you'd say that instead of playing the role of the phantom, he became one! She added laughing

"Wow! So we'll be the first ones to actually perform the play ever? Puppy asked

"Yes, after the night the principal decided to never perform it" Miss Hall answered her

"But what about the curse? Sally whined

"Sally, there's no curse" Miss Hall frowned. "Now let's get down to business, I've made each a copy of the script." I want you all to take them home and study it" She added. And before Miss Hall, would say anything else she disappeared into thin air

"Hey! Where did she go? Someone cried out

"I'm down here kids, a little help please"

They all climbed on stage and front of an opening in where Miss Hall had fallen through

"Wow! How did you get in there? Daisy asked

"It's more how do we get her out of there" Sammy added looking inside the hole

"Just press the small peg that's next to the opening" Miss Hall explained. A few seconds later she as back on the stage

"I guess that I forgot all about the trap door and must've pressed the peg by mistake" it was built for the first play so the phantom could appear and disappear without anyone noticing" She added

"Oh cool! Will we be using it for ours? Tommy asked

"Yes, but not until I've it checked out and made sure that's safe to be used until then." It's off limits understand? Miss Hall answered him. Everyone nodded their heads yes

"Good, now before we call it quits for today." I'd like to read over the play once, so you can all have an idea of the story and its charters" Miss Hall added

The next day after school they all meet inside the auditorium so they could rehears

"Hey who's that? Puppy asked pointing to a young goat, who was sitting on the edge of the stage reading a copy of the script. They walked over to him and asked

"Hi, can we help you?

"Oh hey, I was waiting for Puppy, Miss Hall told me to see her I'm going to be her new assistant" The goat answered her

"Well you found her! And this is my friend Vicky" Puppy smiled

"I'm Roy, it's nice to meet you. I'm ready to be put to work what do you need help with? Roy smiled back. Puppy was about to answer him back when Daisy came running in yelling

"Okay, where is he!

"Where is who? Vicky asked

"Tommy, that's who! He thinks, he's so funny look what he left inside of my locker! She cried out. Before she pulled out a creepy looking mask and a piece of paper out of her book bag

Vicky unfolded the paper and read it out loud


"What does that mean? Vicky frowned

"How should I know? All I know is that when I get my paws around his little neck." He's going to wish that he was really was a phantom! Daisy smirked

"Hello? Did someone call out my name! Tommy laughed. As Sammy and he walked in and joined them

"Tommy, you jerk! I didn't find your little joke very funny! Daisy yelled at him. Before she threw the mask at him

"Hey! What gives? That's not even mines" Tommy frowned

"Oh, please knock off the stupid act and just admit that you left this inside my locker" Daisy frowned back

"Daisy, I didn't know what you're talking about sorry" Tommy shrugged

"Oh, yah right! Then I guess it was the phantom who did it" Daisy smirked

"I guess cause it wasn't me" He shrugged back. She was about to answer him back when all the lights suddenly went out

"Hey! Who turned off the lights! Someone cried out. A terrifying screamed interrupted

And the lights came back just as quickly as they went off

"Hey! Who's that? Puppy cried out. They looked up at the catwalk standing there was a black masked creature wearing a black coat. Holding a rope it swung down

from the cat walked and landed. A few feet away from Sammy then took off running

"Oh ha-ha Tommy, Sammy smirked

"Umm sorry to disappoint you there Sammy, but it wasn't me" I was standing right next to you when the lights went off" Tommy answered him

"Well if it wasn't you then who? Sammy shrugged

"That's what I'm going to find out I didn't think that little stunt was very funny. Whoever it was" Miss Hall frowned

The next afternoon they were all sitting around studying their lines

"Did Miss Hall, ever find out who was standing on the catwalk the other day? Roy asked the gang

"No, I don't think so. But that was totally weird if she wasn't standing right next to me" When the lights came back on I would've swore that it was Sally," Vicky began to answer

"Yah, she would do anything just to prove that stupid curse was real! Puppy added laughing

"Or it can still be Tommy, Daisy frowned

"Ha-ha! Sorry but wrong as awesome and brilliant as I'm I could never be." In two places at the same time so it couldn't have been me" Tommy smiled

"Well Mr. Brilliant one, I'm still not so convinced that you weren't the one. Who broke into my locker" Daisy answered him. Tommy was about to answer her when Sally, walked over towards them and answered for him

"It wasn't me if that's what you all thinking but I think I know of a way." That we could find out who it 's." She shrugged

Later that night the gang was hanging out inside the school playground. Waiting for Sally to arrive

"Remain me again when we started to listening to Sally again? I should be home watching wrestling" Sammy frowned

"We're not Sammy, but if we want to get to the bottom of what's going on around here." We've no other choice but to listen to her" Vicky shrugged

A few minutes later Sally showed up

"Well it's about time" Tommy frowned

"Sorry but my mom gave me the third degree before she finally let me out of the house" She answered him

"Okay, okay now that we're all here." How are we going to get inside the school? I'm sure that we just can't walk in there and say;

"Hey is the phantom here? Sammy smirked

"Or we can just climb in through that open side window" Tommy shrugged

A few seconds later they pressed themselves against the wall as they made their way towards, the auditorium

"I hate to sound like a broken record, but I don't think this is such a great idea" Sammy mumbled

"We know Sammy, just pretend that we're staring in a scary movie" Daisy smiled

"But I don't like scary movies" Sammy pouted

"Oh, stop being such a big wimp Sammy, and give it a rest already" Tommy scowled him

"Why don't you all just zip it before we all get busted" Sally frowned. She opened the auditorium door and they went in

"Puppy, can you turn on the lights? She added

"Are you nuts? Sure, let's turn on all the lights and let everyone know that we're here—Sammy began

Oh no! My scenery! It's all ruined! Puppy yelled out horrified

"Who would do something like this?

"Your scenery? I worked on it too" Sally frowned looking at the words


That was spray painted all over the play's back ground. Vicky was about to answer her when a horrified voice interrupted

"What is the meaning of this? What did you kids do!

They all turned around to find Miss Hall, standing right behind them. With a horrified look on her face

"Miss Hall, we didn't do this! I swear we didn't! Puppy began

"That's enough young lady, not another word what kind of fool do you kids, take me for? I can tell from here that's fresh paint" It still dripping for god's sakes! Miss Hall frowned

"But we're not lying you've to believe us, we found it like this! Sally whined

"I want to I really do, but what are you kids doing in here anyways." I was on my way home when I heard a noise coming from in here. Only to find you kids standing there" If you kids, were me what would you believe? Miss Hall frowned

Three nights later

"I'm so glad that Miss Hall, calmed down and changed her mind." About concealing the play" Daisy stated "I'm so nervous I think I'm going to bust!

"Well don't be! You look great, now go out there and break a leg! Puppy smiled

A few seconds later Daisy walked out onto the stage. Which looked dark and eerie due to the glory background

"Phantom, is that you? Have you come to visit me?

The audience began to cheer when the phantom slowly crept from behind. And quietly stood behind her. Daisy turned around and was about to say her next line. But froze for a second when she noticed that phantom standing next to her wasn't Tommy

Daisy swallowed hard before she continued

"Oh phantom, please don't be afraid and tell me your story of. Why you haunt this theater?

"My story is a tragic one. I haunt this theater to hide the pain of how I was destine to be a star." My destiny was to perform this play many years ago. But it ended before it could even begin" The phantom began

"Oh wow! He's not saying his lines he's telling the story of what really happened to him" Daisy thought to himself

"You see hours before I was about to perform I accidently took a wrong step. And stepped on the peg which opened the trap door. "Falling to my death they never did find my body, it's still rotting down there

The audiences began to cheer louder

"Whoa, they really believe this is all just part of the play if they only knew" Daisy thought to herself. She reached up and tried to rip his mask off. But the phantom pushed her paw away and cried

"No! you'll never know my true identity! Then took a few steps backwards to get away from her. But didn't realize that the secret door was still opened and fell inside of it

When the curtains closed Daisy was so scared that she couldn't talk nor move. Puppy ran over towards her and asked

"Daisy, are you okay?


"Are you okay? Puppy repeated "Someone hit Tommy over the head knocking him out cold and stole his costume. "We all saw you talking to the phantom on stage and—

"Oh my god, Puppy! He fell through the trap door he's still in there! Come on! Daisy cried out

When they climbed through the secret passageway all they found was the phantom's mask. And an old yellowed year book next to it

Vicky picked up the year book and slowly started flipping through the worn out pages

"Oh wow! This must be one of the first yearbooks they printed out and---

"Whoa! I don't believe it! Check it out

They all gather around her and read the article that was inside of it



Copyrights © belong to jack 2006

Author Notes: working on grammer problems feed back appricated

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