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the haunting of the lady part 1

the haunting of the lady part 1

By hime1994cct


About 4 in the morning im in my parents bedroom. I'm only 4 at this time, I live in a two story house both my sisters candy who was 10 at this time and Christina who was 15 at this time had experienced something banging in the attic and pots clashing together in the downstairs. Both my sisters bedrooms are up stairs me and my brothers room is right across from my sister candy's room down a bit from our room is my parents and across from them Christina's. All bedrooms were on the second floor. My dad was never home so me and my brother Christian would sleep with my mom. My brother was 6 at this time and my mom was in her late 30s although she looked like she was in her 20s.

my parents room is huge with two closets one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom connected to the the bedroom. The bathroom connected to the bedroom has a shower to the right along with the closet and toilet. To the left is the bathtub and the bathroom counter and mirror. On this strange night I just couldn't go too sleep. I still remember exactly how it all happened.

me, my mom and brother were on the bed watching the tv which was directly in front of the bed. We had just got finished watching Steve the crockadile hunter. My mom had turned off the tv and rolled over to go to sleep. my brother had slept on the bottom of the bed which he had already been fast asleep before my mom had turned off the tv.

Finally when everyone had gone to sleep the clock just kept ticking by. I was closest to the bathroom an alarm clock laid right on the counter top beside me, and another alarm clock laid on the bathroom counter which was directly in front of me. After hours had gone by it was 3:46 in the morning I couldn't go to sleep I started playing with my stuff animals which I always had with me.

Minutes started passing then all of a sudden it was exactly 4 a.m. In the morning when something caught my eye in the bathroom. I slowly turned back to what I had saw and now I had a direct look at it. A lady stood in directly in front of the closet door looking through the mirror at me. I suddenly froze and sat up quietly in the bed trying to reassure myself of what I was looking at. My fear was frozen and then my heart began to beat and fear starting creeping up all inside me at once.

The lady were a black dress that had long sleeves and went all the way to the floor. She had long black greesy looking hair that looked very disheveled. I remained quiet then I began to pull pillows from behind me and had barried my brother and mom underneath them trying to protect them from what had gathered fear inside of me. After covering my mom and brother safely under the pillows, I then hid my self under the covers and said a quiet small prayer.

it was finally light outside and I woke up. I immediately told my mom about what had happened but of course she didn't believe me. Every night after that I had covered my mom and brother with pillows hoping the lady would never come back. Two years went by and my mom and dad divorced and we then had to move out into a rental home. When we began moving out my mom had found a demotic game in the kitchen hidden under one of the kitchen cabinets.

Too be continued

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2 Nov, 2012
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3 mins
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