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the haunting of the lady part 2

the haunting of the lady part 2

By hime1994cct

Not long after moving into the rental house me and my brother started hearing whispering through the hallways of a man and sometimes a woman's voice. late one night sleeping in my bed a small black boy came into my room and I was young and couldn't go to sleep. I wanted to do something fun I was half asleep when this small black boy came into my room . I have no idea what the time must of been but it was late. The boy was my age 6 and I was scared at first when he spoke to me but he lifted up the covers and said hey you wanna play. I said no leave me alone my brother will wake up and get mad. My brother was asleep on the top bunk and I was on the bottom bunk. He won't hear we can even play whatever you want. Ok if u say so.

I then began getting out of the bed the boy took my hand and helped me too the floor. They don't play with you do they? He asked me
Who don't play with me ? I asked
Your brother and sister. He said curiously waiting for a reply from me.
They don't I replied
Well he replied as he then rubbed his hand on my back. I'm here for u just look for me and I'll be there.
I felt something wrong with the boy then stood to my feet.
Who are you? I asked angrily
Your friend he said . He then began looking scary and his voice began deepening.
I then ran to my bed and and hid under the covers. After a minute or two I lifted the covers up.
The boy was gone. This all brought me back to the lady three days after I saw the boy I had a dream of the lady screaming down stairs I ran to a closet and then I appeared down stairs and saw her looking at me through a mirror which was in the kitchen when I saw her looking at me through the mirror I saw the boy standing right beside her in the mirror then I woke up to a scream that everyone in the house woke up too but no one new where it came from.

To be continued look for the haunting of the lady part 3

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2 Nov, 2012
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1 min
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