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The Haunting.

The Haunting.

By Kiraa

    I emerge from the abyss wearing a loose sweatshirt and baggy sweatpants, weary of being seen. My head hangs low on my shoulders.
    I jolt my head upwards, my eyes swimming in a toxic mixture of fear and anger. Despite the fact it's sixty degrees out, the hairs on my body spike up. I hesitantly spin my head toward the voice calling my name. I slip my clenched hands out of my pockets, just in case I need to take action. But I see no one.
    I look around, I look everywhere, and I look for anyone, anything that could've called my name. But I'm deserted. Surrounded by nothing but trees, strong trees, that stretch on for miles and miles. I study those trees with every intent I have. Those trees reach the end of the world, I just know it. I continue walking along the dusty path, headed anywhere but here.
    I county to twenty. I count to thirty. I count to forty. 
    I steady the rhythm of my feet slapping the ground to the beat of various songs.
    I think of a waterfall.
    I think of the mist over the waterfall.
    I think of the mountain by the waterfall that has the mist over it.
   Nothing works.
    My nerves, my brain, whatever it is that consumes me during my violent attacks, slams into me like a wall of concrete. I can't breathe. I sink to my feet, and the world is growing farther away from me. I am shrinking, or maybe the world is growing, I don't know. But It's growing without me. It's forming until I am no longer apart of it. I see a vicious light attacking my sights, and I am blinded. Breathing is becoming an exceedingly difficult task. I try to grasp the world, to hold onto it somehow, to keep it from going on without me. But I am restrained. All I can do is watch as I sink farther and farther, back into the abyss that currently consumes my every being. I struggle to keep my heart beating. I feel my head getting faint. I'm gonna pass out. I know I'm going top pass out.
    And then it's over.
    I jerk my eyes open, the feeling of losing my sanity, if that's what this was, embarrassing me. I'm happy there is no one around to see what I have become.
    Or was there.
    My mind flashes to the moments just before my latest attack. Someone, or something, had called my name. That voice was the trigger. I have to find that voice. I have to destroy that voice, end that voice once and for all. I turn back
    The shadows of the trees around me are haunting. They chase me, run for me, They yearn to fight me. Their lust is my worst enemy. Their shapes twist and turn until my demons form. 
    I walk faster.
    So do they.
    I run.
    So do they.
    I begin to talk to the pulsing moon above me, ask for its help. It grins at me. I scream out in agony as the shadows breathe me in, as they begin to take over all that I am, all that I have worked so hard to become. But none of it matters anymore. I am a mere victim of the demons that haunt me.

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1 May, 2015
Read Time
2 mins
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