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The Heart of a Feral-Part 3
The Heart of a Feral-Part 3

The Heart of a Feral-Part 3


I close my eyes, eyelids flitting down, before starting to sketch. My lines form over the page as something takes flight. I start shading my new picture and finally look down to appreciate it. I drew a girl with a lion’s tail. She looks strong. So brave. I try, but I can’t find myself in there.

I close my sketchbook before placing it back into my sling-like bag and tucking my pencil back behind my ear. I’m naturally quiet so I always sit there, think, draw and leave, always feeling better than when I came. This cliff is my fountain of youth. My footsteps clunk quietly as I walk, keeping my eyes on the ground as leaves dance across my feet.

“Look who showed up, Maddie and Kate!” I hear a high voice chirp teasingly. I look up and meet the eyes of Bella Dravers, the most popular girl at school, with her minions Madison Lecron and Katherine Shrime. I whimper lightly before looking back at my feet and fidgeting with my small hands.

“You’re right, Bella! It’s Kitty!” Maddie says in a teasing way. Maddie uses blackmail often and I’m her favorite target. She likes to photoshop pictures of me and then threaten with them. I don’t know what to do to stop her. She’s got ways.

“What kitty? Here, kitty cat! I wonder if it’s Mr. Muffin!” Kate is a bit of an airhead. She’s never caught onto my nickname. I don’t blame her though. When people first started calling me that, I didn’t know what they meant earlier.

Bella groans before smirking and flicking her blonde hair on her shoulders. “So, you come here often?” she asked in her usual inquisitive tone. I hide a shudder by nodding.

“Talk cat!” Her face is now way too close to mine. I hiss lightly, fists clenching.

“Yes I do…” I felt my anger fade away with my words. I was shaking in my shoes as I walked away from the snickering girls. I walk home in silence, my voice too hoarse to speak. The door to my home swings open and I step onto the red carpet, a small, unnoticed silver tear slipping down my cheek and hitting the carpet.

Author Notes: Don't forget to read the rest of the parts!

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9 May, 2019
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