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The Heart of a Feral- Part 4
The Heart of a Feral- Part 4

The Heart of a Feral- Part 4


I never knew my father. He left when I was too young to remember him and my mum never talked much about him. Whenever I asked, she would go pale and change the topic ASAP. The only thing she had said to me about him was that he was not a man for me to be proud of.

When my mother died in a car accident, a few weeks before school started, I feel my father died with her. All knowledge was lost before it could be found. I was depressed for months, unable to leave the bed when Uncle Dan and Aunt Grace came to pick me up and take me to their home, about a 15-minute drive away.

My family tried to cheer me up, but it’s never been the same. With my mum, it was a race to answer Jeopardy! Questions and we would fight over who got them right, but with Aunt Grace and Uncle Dan, I feel bad about trying to beat them to the answer. It just never feels right…

I have no siblings, it was always just me and mom. The closest thing I have ever to a sibling is my auburn Bengal cat, Dess. He always cheers me up. Maybe it’s the way he will pounce from my bookshelf and onto my lap, without a single care in the world.

Dess has huge green eyes that seem to be staring into my soul. I guess that’s how he can tell when I’m lonely or frustrated. When Uncle Dan first met him, he joked that Dess was psychic and we could go on TV with him. I didn't believe him, though. He likes joking.

My Aunt and Uncle don’t understand me, much. I keep to myself. I’m not like most girls my age. That’s okay though. It’s not like I enjoy being hurt every day. It doesn’t matter. At least I know I’ll never amount to much, compared to many others, and I’m completely at peace with it.

When I was in the 6th grade, the school held a writing challenge. I gladly obliged and worked day and night on my piece. It was so important to me. Once I had finished, I turned it in, shaking in my boots as they graded it.

Author Notes: This story; The Heart of a Feral is more of an inspirational story with 4-5 parts left

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20 May, 2019
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1 min
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