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The Hidden Walls pg 2

The Hidden Walls pg 2

By alexander

When I tired to move I found my hands tied behind me on what felt like a stone cold metal chair. It is strange for me to say this but as I was left I was remembering all the things me and my perents had done together they hadn't all been bad when I am looking at pure darkness. Why did they have to die I had thought of it a few times my mother hadn't been kind or gental but to be killed no they didn't deserve it in my mind. I am hungry I don't know how long I have been down here for it felt like days to my stomach but it must have been hours I hoped anyway, thoughts are flying in my mind like 'what does this person want from me?' 'why hadn't i brought my phone then it would never have happend' while I was thinking of that happy thought I heard a door opening but no light came from it because where ever it lead too was black like it was around me.

But he was able to see somehow because he went straight to me and griped my face forcefully and began to feed me it felt cold and slimy and I was gagging on it but he didn't stop then when it was finished he slapped me three times twice on my face and then once in my stomach that was so hard it took all the air out of my lungs. Then I heard his footsteps turn around and walk away and the door of darkness closed again. I was left there coughing and trying to get the air in my lungs while my cheeks burned. Through the flashing pian in my eyes I was wondering what the hell I had done and as far as I could tell it was his falult the git he kidnapped me and I am here eating god knows what! and also getting slapped about, the resolve i made then I knew would last for as long as I was alive I am going to kill that son of a bitch and I am going to get out alive.

In the room next to her was another girl though she was only 13 and had been 12 when she was kidnapped ahe almost lost her minded to the darkness for no one in the compound can be saved from it was what she was thinking. Her name is Kaley her parents had split up two weeks befor she had been taken and it was somewhat i tthe same way as Jemma had been taken, but much much more despicable. Dad had sent her a text saying her mum was over getting stuff from their converted barn. So after her walk around the forest that they lived close too she came home it was dusk by then and it was getting hard to see she saw the attic light on wich she thought of as odd but mum must still be getting her stuff because her car was still there.

Kaley went in an shouted hello no reply her parents must be talking she thought it was what usualy happened so she got some cake from one of the tins and sat down to read a book she had almost finished she was enjoying the readwhen a loud slither was heard up in the attic Kaley didn't pay it much heed until it happened again annoyed she put the book down and also the almost finnished cake and walked up the stairs.

Opening the attic double doors was tough because they were oldand when she did get them finally opened she went in though she has always regretted that decision for the thing that was there was one of horror her parents were being skinned by this hulk of a man with a bag over his head and what she had heard was him dragging the body's to somewhere he could sit. She sreamed so piercing and loud it rang in her ears for mimutes after it she was running away from the nightmare that was infront of her but to no avail for she was young and fast but the man was faster he nocked her down to the ground and forced a gag in her mouth then without out notice she felt a smash in her skul and she was out cold. When she woke up she had a excrutiating headache and she founf she was tied onto a chair with a bag over her head until it had been taken of and she had been left like that. A year passed and everyday the same routine would happen with the man she had called a cock lover and a dumster baby that man who had done this to her.

He never did anything else then feed her and hit her and after a while he started to do it with more strangth until it came to a time that I would flinch when I heard the door open until one day when he stopped and the waiting game with the mother fucker started again.

Author Notes: hello there all i hope you are enjoying the story so far and the other stories if you enjoy the story leave a commet or click some stars and i hope to write more soon

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12 Aug, 2013
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4 mins
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