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The Hidden Walls pg 3

The Hidden Walls pg 3

By alexander

First Entry: I have been thinking about it and I have decided to do it, to change woman that are in there teen age years away from sex and violence and make them proper woman, still not sure how to do this. I must stop the plauge from spreading, I must fix the world.

It has been a week in my mind now I have been here for two weeks, I wonder if people are looking for me and where am I? It feels like i am so far underground they could never find me, but what if I am in a building with the windows covered up but I can't tell I can't see anything. Fortunately for my life and sanity I have gotten used to the darkness the first days with the bag off my head it was hard to breath and I felt so small and tiny because of it, but then I began to calm down and listen for even when it's dark you can still hear he couldn't stop me doing that even if he controlled almost everything else. There was one more thing that was in my power the toilet. No matter how bad it sounds that is the only time my hands are free , I still had my old clothes since I came here and they are in a bad state, I need new one's but I don't want to ask for I will lose more of myself to that man and the darkness. So more of this hellish experience continues eating, getting hit by him and going to the toilet and thinking. One day a little thought runs into my head 'could I kill him?'. I didn't mean had I forgiven him no because my hatred of him grew, but when I had a chance if I ever had a chance could I kill him? that thought stuck with me and stayed in my head for days.

Second Entry: It has now been two weeks since I have last used this, my plans could be comming together I have found suitable girls and parents that deserve justice, I am now biding my time a few more adjustments to my place where to keep the girls still not sound proof. I must stop the plague from spreading, I must fix the world.

I assume it's been about a week now and all he does is feed me and take me to the bathroom no hitting what is he going to do could he do something worse to me something terrible but it had been a year!. So why stop now it makes no sense but maybe that is it maybe it isn't supposed too 'no!' stop he is trying to get to you, I almost lost myself to him and this dark, it's horrible absolutely horrible!. Back to my thoughts again, when I was 9 mummy and daddy and I went to the sea to enjoy ice-cream and swimming! and daddy got me a kite I was so happy I had been asking for weeks and weeks and daddy showed me how to use it and mum was laughing and she was smiling she had a nice smile , not big but lovely and quiet. We got the kite up and flying it was fascinating to me, to see such a thing going up and up daddy was laughing at the look on my face but I didn't care I was so happy. Scratch, creak the door is opening again it brought me back to this place again; I wish it would disappear but it didn't no matter what. He fed me and took me to the toilet I new better then to try anything because when I had six mounths ago I had been left in the chair till I had gone to the toilet without moving I was humiliated and a bit of myself was gone I cried so much, 'Mommy! Daddy! help me! ' but nothing because I had seen what had happened and I could never forget it, them like that what is happening to them? 'I don't want to go back' I cried 'no! Not to that thought!' After hours of being there he came back untied me and gave be pants and took me to the toilet I did nothing after that. But I will not be broken, I have been so so close but i am tough mommy and daddy's fighting had made me a stronger girl more mature is what the teacher said.

Entry Three: I encountered problems with the first girl, dogs alerted the parents of me, have to watch out for that, second girl is young might work better. Going to start the plan all things are ready both parents are at the house must save her fromt he horrors of this world. I must stop the plague from spreading, I must fix the world.

Author Notes: hello again all i hope you are enjoying this series if you are give it some stars if not leave acomment i would love it if you did talk soon bye for now

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19 Aug, 2013
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4 mins
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