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The Hidden Walls pg 4

The Hidden Walls pg 4

By alexander - 1 Review

The world has been goign crazy over the disappearance of the girls from random areas and the gruesome card the killer left , The dead bodies of the parents. No one had noticed that he had been choosing based on arguments of the parents, what happend to the children?. The police had been doing everything but nothing worked people were scared. Lies and fake stories were going round so you couldn't tell fact from fiction even the newspapers were infected with it they were saying stuff like he was 8t feet tall with a black cloak and he carried bags of torture tools. But no luck in finding the girls sometimes it would be months before a girl was taken sometimes days apart, the only connection was that it was teenage girls that were being taken ether just before they were teens and the age was up to 18 but no more then that, how usles the police are. they could only state the obvious.

My sister had been taking by that monster whatever he looked like. I had been staying at a friend's because my dad was an abuser and my mum watched so I left as much as I could my sister who was ten minutes older then me had been trying to get them to talk I had given up and let her try. So when I got back and it was quiet I was surprised maybe she had done it? No no way but mayber there was hope i went to the bathroom, then I was starving haddn't eating that much during the day so i went to the kitchen and opened the door into the place to grap a sandwich.

I was met with the head of my dad and mum hanging on a rope I was stunned I couldn't move then I vomited so much I was a ball on the floor I somehow made it to the phone in the living room and called the police when they got there they had to smash a window to get in because I was in a coner saying 'no no nonono this can't be rea '. They took me out of my house and into the ambulance they asked me loads of questions which went right over me then I collapsed. I remember waking up in a hospital with iron bars on the windows where was I?

Then I remembered what had happened and I vomited there wasn't much left but enough to make a puddle of the stuff. The police came in with a nurse she cleared up the vomit and left some toast for me , then the police sat down and started talking to me . This went on for hours they woulden't stop asking questions like 'where were you at the time the incident happend?' over and over again and I kept telling them ' I was at my friends you can ask him if you want'.

They began to get annoyed with me for nothing i told them our history about my family how we didn't get along what my dad had done and my mu and about my sister until one of the police men got up and swore to himself load enough that i could hear it. He signalled his companion and they whispered for quiet a while then the other one who was fat sadi ' thank you for your time James we will be back' they left me to think about the horror of my parents why my sister might be and would that monster try to kill me because I lived? i coulden't throw up because they wan't anything left. I felt empty apart from a little flame of my heat and anger welling up for my parents no matter what kind of cunts they were and for my big sis she was the best I had.

Author Notes: hey guys and girls here you go another page hope it meets what you want to read more to come are we going to hit a high point? or a gruesome horror sceane keep reading. if you like please put some stars up and leave a comment bye for now

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25 Aug, 2013
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3 mins
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