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The Hidden walls

The Hidden walls

By alexander

This is my story of what happened in that house and to me and my parents. my parents had never gotten on well why should they? they were only together for me and I despised that because it meant I had to live with the abuse I don't mean they hit me but the constant feeling that they could and might at any minute. My dad was the more peaceful of the two of them my mum was the mean and cold type of person. My name I almost forgot is Jemma, I am 17 and almost free of my parents I was thinking in the park with my freinds we were chilling seeing as it was too hot to do much else I was thinking if I could find a way of getting out going home today I had been trying this for a while saying I needed to study with freinds or things came up to get out of the house. I remembered with a dread feeling that I had forgotten my phone so I coulden't call tehm to ask and if I went back that would be it for the night. So I stayed at the park for as long as I could but then as all things must it was getting dark so grudgingly I said bye and started walking home.

When i got home no one was there it was strange they were always around but it felt nice to not have them arguing again, I found my phone it was on my bed where I had left it . Then i went on the computer a bit not much was happening so I went to bed. When i was going to sleep there was a nagging thought in my head where were they?, I diden't care much but they were still my perent's. I got out of bed to go the toilet it was then that i heard it a noise in the attic I had always wanted teh attic for a place away from the two of them but they never let me have it. However, it was odd the sound like a thump and a grump together so I got the ladder out and went up. When I got up i rememberd that the lights had been gone for a while so i went down and got a torch from teh kitchen it was a small one but it worked. With that i went up again and turned it on I could see boxes and some stuff from Christmas but I herdthe noise again from behind the boxes so i moved some of the boxes out of the way and stopped. All I could see was red and dripping red a mush of pink mixed with red I looked up already knowing what I would see and my perents were there lifeless eyes bulging out. I turned around to run as fast as I could but then i was hit so hard my head span and all i could hear was the driping of blood and i tasted blood in my mouth it was cold and there was a bag over my head and i was so scared I was shaking.

Everyone had heard of murder adn kidnapping but why me what did i do? why was i here? my head hurts it hurts a lot like that feeling that you were picked up and thrown like a javalin into a bush of five inch nails and it they had gotten into my whole body but mostly my head. All that i could do was sit there and wait for whoever would come or maybe they won't Imight just be left here to die with a bag on me not being able to see. I cried so much I diden't know what to do then I stopped because no more tears would come out. I was like that for hours then when I was dozing in and out someone came in and took the bag off I was so happy for the splitsecond of a moment because when I opened my eyes it was black like a pressing black that wanted to devour me it was almost worse then haveing the bag on then feeling nothing but me.

Author Notes: please enjoy this is story number 2 of my three story's make of it what you will but if you like it hit the stars and a new page soon.

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About This Story
3 Aug, 2013
Read Time
3 mins
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