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The Home That Haunts
The Home That Haunts

The Home That Haunts


Heart thumping though my chest. Sweat running down my tearful face. Lips trembling as I forcefully hold in my cry for help. I couldn’t move. The thumping on the door got louder and louder yet my body frozen in fear. I don’t know why she’s doing this. I never done anything wrong not even remotely, how could I? I was still a child, the child that would be traumatized by your bangs, screams, you shadow that lurks by the door.

Who knew that such a lovely day would turn into an awful night? It was too good to be true, sun shining, birds chirping, children laughing but them child laughter soon turned to a child’s scream for help. I don’t know why, nor do I know when but all I know is she was trying to get me. Us.

What she would have done if entered the house remains a mystery. A mystery that would haunt my dreams for years on end. What would she off done? Would she off killed us? Rob us? I don’t know and that what scares me. My minds think of one hundred different what id questions and before I know it, its 5 am and another sleepless night.

I was only a small child, but I blamed myself for years. Why did I blame myself, I have no clue, but I did that why I had this heavy weight in my heart? Will I ever recover? Because still now years later and the banning on the door, the smashing of the glass and that screaming of your voice still rummage through my head.

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15 Apr, 2022
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1 min
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