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The honeymoon

The honeymoon

By P_Miller - 1 Review

Brandon Johnston and Linsey Cole got married after living 8 years in relationship. The wedding was amazing and everything went so well.
Nothing could have been better on our most important day of our lives. Said Linsey with a satisfied smile on the face. Brandon raised his head and agreed with Linsey.
All the guests were very pleased. This event will be remembered for a long time.

On the very next day Brandon said to Linsey.
- We should go on a honeymoon. What do you think darling?
- Well this is a very good idea. Did you think of any place in particular?
- Oh, no not yet. Answered Brandon and he started to look for the travel brochure in the drawer.
- I always wanted to go to America. Said Linsey.
Brandon hold his head up and asked America? Why America? As he said America something came into his mind and just could not get out of it.
So America then. Ok let’s go to America said Brandon.
Linsey did not understand why Brandon asked why America and he agreed after all.
- Which state shall we go? Asked Linsey
- Hm let’s just see. How about Florida? Asked Brandon without any hesitation.
He already knew why he chose Florida.
- It does not matter we can go to Florida. Answered Linsey happily.
So they booked the hotel they found and will start their honeymoon next Monday.
They arrived finally to Florida and found the hotel they have booked.
They entered the hotel and told the receptionist.
- Hello we are Mr. And Mrs. Johnston. Said Brandon
- Hello welcome to our hotel. Said the receptionist.
After collecting all the details from Brandon and Linsey the receptionist said to them.
- Well everything is done now your room number is 278. Second floor at the end of the corridor. The elevator will be on your right just around the corner.
- Thank you. Both of them said.
Every room has a balcony facing towards to the ocean. They occupied their room and Linsey was on a rush to the toilet. Brandon looked around inside first and then went out to the balcony. As soon as he stepped out he glimpsed a very attractive lady to the right sunbathing on the balcony. Brandon could not see her very clearly because she was quite far from him and she wore sunglasses, but he noticed she has long brown hair.
- Where are you darling? Linsey asked from the room.
- I am amazed by the ocean. Answered Brandon.
As soon as he answered to Linsey he entered back to the room. They went for a walk until dinner time and during their walk Brandon was thinking of that girl who was sunbathing on the balcony. Brandon was very quiet.
- Are you all right darling? Asked Linsey.
- Yes everything is OK honey. Answered Brandon.
- You are so quiet since we left the hotel. Said Linsey.
- I am so tired we had a long journey from England. Said Brandon
- That is absolutely true. Agreed Linsey.
They were very close to dinner time. They returned to the hotel for a nice dinner. The restaurant looked very posh so they had to change before having dinner. About a half an hour later they went back down to the restaurant. As they were approaching their table Brandon glimpsed again the same lady just two tables away. She wore a long red dress with a black glittering high-heeled shoes. Her long brown hair laid over her shoulder. This time the lady was much nearer to Brandon so he was able to recognise her. Yes! She was Brandon’s classmate in school and she was the girl who Brandon fell in love with. Brandon knew that she has moved to Florida with her family years ago just after finishing school. He wondered what she is doing here in this hotel.
After finishing their dinner they returned to the room. They consumed a bottle of strong red wine and both of them went to bed. Linsey was extremely tired she fell asleep just in minutes. Brandon knew that his ex classmate Holly is in next door as he saw her earlier this afternoon on the balcony.
Brandon very slowly got out of the bed got dressed took off his wedding ring and stepped out of the room. He was brave enough to do all this things. Brandon thought Holly is alone because he did not see anybody with her at dinner time. He knocked on her door. Holly was not in bed yet, but, she already wore her black nightdress with no lingerie underneath it. She opened the door. Yes! Brandon was right she was alone in her room. Holly was not surprised at all as she noticed Brandon in the restaurant earlier this evening and recognised him too. Somehow she knew that Brandon would visit her tonight. Holly invited Brandon into the room and they sat down on the sofa. They ordered a bottle of champagne. The first thing what Holly checked if Brandon is wearing a wedding ring? He is not. She told herself that is good, but she wondered who was that lady with him tonight. Then she asked Brandon.
- Who are you here with? Asked Holly.
- Oh, she is my sister. Murmured Brandon.
- Really I did not know that you have a sister. Said Holly.
- I never told you. Said Brandon.
Holly knew that Brandon is not telling the truth, but she did not care at all. This conversation was not that deep between them both of them remembered what happened to them years ago in school. They started a conversation about these early years and as the reminiscences came up Brandon gave her a long lingering kiss. Holly did not show resistance at all. After finishing the champagne they ended up in bed.
Both of them knew that Brandon has to go back to his room just before dawning. It was already 4am. They did not sleep at all.
All these things continued between Holly and Brandon for two weeks till the end of the honeymoon.
Brandon managed to keep it in secret until they returned back to England.
When something happened to Linsey, but it is another story.
To be continued ........................

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