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The Hound

The Hound

By morgancalo

The Hound

A sorrowful night looms at the edge of the day and a woman is on her knees and this doth she pray.

"Dear Heaven above, the one not on this earth, take away my soul for it has no worth. Take away the pain, try to save my soul all in vain."

She sits there in her misery and pain, feeling as if there was nothing in this world left to gain. Her world had come crashing down on top of her head, making her feel lifeless and dead. If only there was something to look forward to. If only there was something to help her get through.

She was a good lair, this much she knew. She hid her feeling and her doubts, many could not break through. There was one exception, thats why she was on her knees praying to the lord above. She gave her heart to the one man she thought she could love. She gave it her all, gave it all she could. He was supposed to love her back they way he should. Things didnt go that way and she pondered why she stayed. But she knew in her heart of hearts that she loved him all the same. She also knew that she may be going insane.

What has she done? What must she do? How must she hide this? How must she go on?

She closes her eyes, a single tear drips out. She remembers the times, nothing but screams and shouts. There is silence now, so blessed and cold. She now felt young where she used to feel old. She cannot seem to escape the fac that her conscience was eating her alive. Tearing away all the thoughts and dreams she had learned to strive. She felt happy yet saddened to say the least. She had nothing now not even the beast.

He pushed her to the edge, he pushed her too far and that is when she went for the bar. It happened so fast, all the memories and all the past. The strength of God, the wrath of man. If she could do it than everyone can. It hit like a bolt of lightening. The noise echoed when striking. She felt the rush. She felt the need. In the end she felt him bleed. She sat there in silence where there used to be pain. Chest heaving, sucking in air all in vain. The world got dark with the rush of emotion. Thats when her mind took over and went into motion. She fretted and paced, she sweat and cried as her heart did race. He was dead she knew. The hole in his head inflicted by her was not the only clue. His breathing had stopped, his leg no longer hopped.

She knelt down beside him, afraid to touch his cold and clammy skin. She felt for his life light and found there was none. She realized he had seen his last rising sun. She paced some more and reached for the phone. What was the use? Noone knew she was home. She was supposed to be at the store, being the good wife. Getting the things they needed to sustain life. Another thought took hole, one that would not stop. The one that was just to bold. What would she tell the kids? What would she say? Should she take them now and just run away? NO! She couldnt do the because they would know. You always reap what you sew. She had to choke back a giggle, this was truly insane. But it all escaped though she tried all in vain. She had finally done it, escaped her tormentor. The one who had lied and told everyone she was a whore. She had shown him now, yes that is what she had done. All with a bar and not a gun! A bar for God's sake...not a shovel or a rake! This made her laugh outright, thats when she realized she had lost her mind.

She went into the kitchen for she knew it top to bottom. She went about her task quite solemn. She was good at cleaning up messes, a clean house is what she kept. Just another mess, one that needed tending to. She went about this quite happy, just a tad bit blue. She got ride of him in time for the trash. She thought it was a little crazy if not even a little bit brash. She sat down to think now that the deed was done. What would she tell his adoring little son? Daddy has left and he isnt coming back? Or mommy killed him and stuffed him in a sack? There really was only one thing to do. What would you do if it were you?

The kids came home making a fuss and bustling all about. They crowded her mind and they did scream and shout. Johnny came to her, really his daddy's boy and asked where daddy was so that they could play with his toys. I fidgeted and smirked. If only he knew the depth in which my soul did murk. I told him daddy had left and didnt know when he was coming back. I paled a little at the memory of that sack. He left though the door, head hung down and on his face he did carry a frown. I felt bad but not all that bad, i had had enough, thats what i had. Sally was already upstairs doing her homework like a good little girl. Lovely little child that did love to twirl. I know I should go and get Johnny but let him play. Cant let him know about his father the one I did slay.

Days go by and than weeks. My nerves have grown stronfg, never weak. His boss came to the door asking where he was. I told them he had left just because. The kids realized that their daddy was never going to come back. They never did find out about the sack.

It was a cold chill night when Sally come to my door. I asked her what was wrong and what she was here for. She told me she knew about daddy for she had had a dream. I thought I had heard her little voice scream. I told her to sit down and she did so with a frown. I told her to tell me because I also wanted to know. My anxiety I tried not to show. She told me her dream, about how her daddy was dead. She told me she knew that I hit him in his head. I started to laugh telling her it was all but a dream, wiped away her tears that came in a stream. I took her to bed so soft and sound, not hinting that it was my secret that she had found. I tucked her in tight, to scare away the fright. I held her nice and stroked her hair, so lovely and fair.

In the middle of the night, quite with all my might. The faint rustle of the sack held it tightly to the small of my back. Opened the door, devoid of sound. She was the hunted and I was the hound.

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9 Jan, 2012
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6 mins
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