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The Hounted Souls in Madison

The Hounted Souls in Madison

By nicoleslaughter

It has to do with her in her new house as a kid and she had that room that was closest to the back and she couldn’t sleep in that room at all. Even after her family had been there for a while, she couldn’t. Every time she would try to sleep in there, she would hear this ghostly tone.
She would try to tell her mom about it, but she mom didn’t believe her. Nobody did. No madder how many times she would tell her family she kept hearing the noises, nobody would believe her.
One night her mom had enough of her saying she was hearing the ghostly tone. Her mom told her to sleep on the couch until she got comfortable with sleeping in her bedroom. Even sleeping on the couch for a month or so, she still was afraid to sleep in her room. She could go in there during the day. God forbid she went in there after nine o’clock.
Finally, she got tired of being a sixteen year old baby. So she took her dog and went in there to sleep. The dog could sense a spirit. My grandma’s dog kept on barking without stopping. It was that bad. The dog finally got so scared, it scratched on the door so much that my grandma had to let him out.Her mom heard my grandma screaming all the way from her room. So my grandma’s mom rushed in to my grandma’s room. My grandma was sitting on her bed shaking from the fear. So her mom finally believed her story.
The very next night, my grandma and her mom stayed in that haunted room. My grandma would turn off the light, lie back in bed, and be good for s minute. Then the light would turn on, she would get up and turn it back off. It kept going like that for a few hours. Them put of no were, the door swings opens and puts a dint in the wall. Both my grandma and her mom started to scream bloody murder. They both started walking to the door, well more like slowly creeping to it anyway.
My grandma’s mom heard the same noise grandma had told her about. Only it was trying to say something. Like it was giving them a chance to leave the room for good. They couldn’t make out what it was trying to say.
They stood there for hours trembling the fact the spirit was no joke. All of a sudden, there was righting on my grandma’s wall. It said, “Get out of this room or die trying. It’s not safe in here. I figured you would find that out by now. Leave or I will have to force you to.”
They didn’t believe it, but that next morning, they definitely had their eyes opened. They started to see my grandma’s stuff getting thrown around like ragdolls. Everything she had was crushed. You could hear the voice saying “I warned you. Now leave! Or face the consequences!”
They packed up and moved that next day. They never mentioned that disturbed house again. But they never stopped dreaming about it every now and again.
Legend has it, who every stays in that house, dies of fright within a few months. Now warning for them to leave expect for a few noises that could be mad by the wind or a tree brushing up again the house. But other than that there was not warning. No explosions. Just a bunch of un- answered questions. It’s like a pile of dust on the face of existence that nobody cares about. It will be sitting there for years and no one will have a single reaction to it.

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About This Story
6 Oct, 2011
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3 mins
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