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The House Near The End Of The Street

The House Near The End Of The Street

By Simon Cowell

In the house near the end of the street ,
where the hedge was always nice and neat ,
what you would find there ,
a little old lady sat in her chair ,
No not mother hubard ,...
never bare was her cupboard ,
it may have been a sin ,
to raid her buscuit tin ,
but no matter how big the pile ,
she'd always give a smile ,
ive eaten over the top ,
here wash it down with your favorite pop,
a game of cards would be cool ,
not on a table but her little black stool ,
an old whistley kettle on an old gas cooker ,
lets go through to the kitchen while grandad watches the snooker ,
ha ha enough said ,
time for some of grandads bread ,
not a word would I utter ,
as i watched how thick nana spread the butter ,
it was saturday night and make no mistake ,
it was time for our favorite program jim davidsons take a break ,
grandad stood at the window looking at the street light ,
finally it glows to my nanas delight ,
I bet your all confused but allow me to explain ,
untill that streetlight lit outside in darkness we'd remain ,
grandad was a proud old man and kinda set in his ways,
he'd never turn on a light inside till that lamp gave off its rays ,
grandad on the landing it was time for me to go ,
he shouted down the stair QUICK or you'll miss the number 4
lookin back towards the house near the end of the street ,
where my nana and grandad lived where the hedge was always neat

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About The Author
Simon Cowell
About This Story
24 Apr, 2014
Read Time
1 min
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